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Earn EXTRA Money Working Part-Time Or Full-time Anywhere You Live In Nigeria

Opportunity To Make Money Fast Anywhere You Live In Nigeria:

From: Samson Itoje

To: Everyone Who Wants To Make MORE Money

Dear Nigerians,

I have a couple of questions for you.

  • Do you want MORE money?
  • Would you like to make money from home . . . without answering to a nasty boss?
  • Do you yearn to get rid of your UNfulfilling day job?
  • Do you want a house of your own to avoid the nuisance of landlords?
  • Do you yearn to drive a lovely family car?
  • Do you want to give your kids the best education possible?
  • Do you yearn for vacation in exotic locations?
  • Do you want more time freedom to spend with your wife and kids?

If your answer to the questions above is YES, then you're invited to join this money making business opportunity that has the potential to help you make money fast.

Turn Key Home Business Opportunity

This business opportunity is a simple home business opportunity you can do from home . . . using your smart phone and internet connection.

The beauty of this money spinning opportunity is . . .

1. You don't need an office to start

2. You don't need employees

3. You don't need inventory

4. You don't need a warehouse

5. You don't need to quit your job and

6. You don't need to change your business, if you already have one

Best of all, you can start this home business opportunity with ZERO start-up capital. And earn extra money month after month working from home.

Can you imagine that?

No office. No employees. No board room politics. No hassles, no stress. And yet . . . you can earn more money than a lot of people who travel to work day after day.

WOW! This is absolutely beautiful!

How Do You Make Money Fast From This Income Opportunity?

You may wonder, ""how does this Nigeria home business opportunity work?"

How do you make money fast from this income opportunity?

The process is pretty simple.

Let's start with the product.

Our company, Erimama Investment Company Limited, provides restaurant marketing software for restaurants in major cities in Nigeria (e.g. Lagos, Abuja etc).

Our restaurant marketing software helps restaurant owners attract new customers to their business, make more sales and grow their restaurant business.

So, how do you make extra money from our restaurant sales app?

You make money when restaurant owners whom you introduce our restaurant marketing software to pay to use the software.

In simple words . . . we reward individuals (and organisations) who help us find clients for our Restaurant Sales App.

People who help us find clients for our restaurant sales app are called independent sales rep (or independent marketers).

Bottom line.

Refer clients to us and get paid.

The Reward System - What Do We Pay Our Independent Sales Reps?

Independent sales reps are individuals (or organisations) who decide to help us market our Restaurant Sales App for a share of the revenue generated when a restaurant owner pays to use the app.

What do we pay our independent sales reps when they send us a paying customer?

The bonus per sale is 20 percent of the software setup fee.

What is the setup fee for our restaurant marketing software?

The setup fee depends on the package the client is paying for.

Generally, it is somewhere between =N=190,000 to =N=380,000

If the restaurant owner you refer to us pays =N=190,000 setup fee, you we earn 20% of that as sales bonus. That is, =N=38,000.

If the restaurant owner you refer to us pays =N380,000 setup fee, you will earn =N=76,000 as sales bonus.

Get the point?

Simply find restaurant owners, tell them about our restaurant marketing software and send those interested to us for us to continue the conversation.

You will earn sales bonus equal to 20% of whatever they pay as setup fee.

Ready to make money fast?

Call Samson Itoje on 07086459367 or 08033290430 to get your questions answered. And then, start prospecting and . . . make money fast!

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