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Luxury real estate Lagos Nigeria - Lagos Nigeria has some very impressive luxury real estate in locations like Ikoyi, Victoria Island, and Lekki. These areas are the prime locations for Nigeria real estate. And there are a variety of alternatives to choose from.

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Ikoyi is about the most luxurious and also the most expensive of the lot. Even within Ikoyi you will find that the rental prices for luxury apartments vary widely. For example, Ikoyi is made up of locations like . . .

. . . and more. And each of this locations vary widely in rental prices.

For example, as at the time of this writing, the rental price of a three bedroom luxury real estate is about . . .

  • $65,000 U.S. dollars in south west Ikoyi
  • $80,000 U.S. dollars per annum in Park View Ikoyi and
  • $120,000 U.S. dollars per annum in Banana Island

Luxury apartments in Ikoyi are a lot more expensive than luxury real estate in Victoria Island and Lekki.

A large part of Victoria Island are actually business districts where some of the most powerful businesses in Nigeria are located. From Ahmaddu Bello way where Silverbird Galleria is located to Akin Adesola where Samsung service centre and several banks are located, it is business all the way.

Consequently, many folks don't like staying in Victoria Island for residential purposes. On the other hand, some others prefer residential accommodation
in Victoria Island instead of Ikoyi especially if the company where they work is located in Victoria Island.

The later group of people prefer Victoria Island to Ikoyi because of the 'mad traffic jam' that often characterize the trip from Ikoyi to Victoria Island.

Ideally, moving from Victoria Island to Ikoyi should take only about ten to fifteen minutes drive. But because of the Lagos traffic jam, sometimes it can take up to an hour. And that can be very very discouraging.

A cheaper option is to get an apartment in Lekki phase 1, which is a close neighbour to Victoria Island.

Luxury apartments are for people who can afford it.

If you're one of those who cannot afford the cost, you have the option to stay on the mainland and travel to work in Victoria Island from where you live on the mainland.

Believe me, money talks.

You will understand the full import of that statement when you try renting a luxury apartment in Ikoyi, Victoria Island, or Lekki. Those luxury apartments are for people with financial muscle.

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