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legitimate home based business opportunities nigeria The truth is . . . there are so many legitimate home based business opportunities on the internet. This means you don't have to get dubious or fraudulent to earn good money to cater for your family needs.

So what are these home based internet business opportunities?

Let's consider three of these home based internet business opportunities so you see how this fits into your lifestyle. They are:

1. Online forex trading

2. Online data entry jobs

3. Infopublishing

Online Forex Trading

Online forex trading involves trading pairs of currencies like the Euro versus the U.S. dollar.

In online forex trading, the trader evaluates the movement of prices of currency pairs of over period time and then predicts based on her understanding whether price movements will favour one current pair against the other. This prediction is evident in the current the trader chooses to buy or sell.

If the trader's prediction (or buy or sell decision) is correct, she makes money. If her prediction is wrong, she loses money.

The forex market is very volatile. So, it's not for everyone.

However, since it's a business done through the internet and it's a legitimate work from home business, it qualifies as a legitimate home based business opportunity.

Online Data Entry Jobs

Online data entry jobs are exactly as the name suggests . . . you work online as a data entry staff.

In simple words . . . you work as a home based typist and you get paid the agreed amount per hour of work.

The advantage of this home based internet business opportunity is that you avoid the challenges and cost of commuting from your home to your place of work. This means you have more time for yourself and your family because you save commute time and you get to choose how many hours you wish to work.

No wonder online data entry jobs are so popular!

But hold your breath and listen.

Many online data entry jobs can be classified as legitimate home based business opportunities. Unfortunately, the are hundreds or thousands more that prey on the huge market to scam unsuspecting individuals of their hard earned money. So be careful and do due diligence before signing up for any online data entry jobs.

Here's a big flaw with online data entry jobs.

You are still just an employee getting paid per hour of work. And when you stop working you stop earning.

There is a better way.

3. Infopublishing

Infopublishing is one legitimate home based business opportunities I highly recommend.

What is infopublishing?

Infopublishing is the process of publishing information about a specific subject or topic that the individual is knowledgeable and passionate about.

The infopublisher writes loads and loads of articles about his subject area of interest, covering every aspect of the subject and effectively creating something line an online journal, newspaper, or encyclopedia on the subject.

How does this translate to cash for the individual who chooses this form of home based internet business?

Well, you earn money the same way offline newspapers earn money.

Offline newspapers like the Nigerian Guardian, This Day, Business Day etc earn money from . . .

  • selling printed copies of their newspaper and
  • selling product and service ads on their newspaper

    You can do exactly the same because your information rich web site is an online newspaper.

    The difference is this:

    1. You will not start by selling the information you provide. You start by providing high value content or information free. This pulls in loads of traffic

    2. When the traffic becomes huge, you then create a 'members only section' where paying members can get even more information and

    3. You generate income from other visitors through ad selling on your site

    Get the gist?

    The biggest advantage of infopublishing is this . . .

  • You build a long-term business that outlives you
  • You earn even while you sleep
  • You earn even on days you do not work (residue income!)
  • You become recognized as an authority in your field (very gratifying!)
  • You build a loyal customer base that will buy anything you decide to sell in the future

    However, a lot of people have a huge challenge with info publishing. And that challenge is the fact that the majority of people do not fancy writing.

    They know so much. But putting it all down in writing is a huge challenge.

    The solution?

    Join a home based business opportunity that does not require you to write.

    This type of online business is called a turnkey business.

    With a turnkey home business, the company issues you your own business web site already written and preloaded with products or services. You simply send customers to that page and earn commission when those prospective customer purchase the company's products or services through your affiliate or distributor website.

    Simple enough, right?

    Guess what.

    The commission can be huge!

    Network Marketing Distributor Business

    Another example of a turnkey business opportunity with potential for huge bonuses is a network marketing distributor business opportunity.

    How does that work?

    Click HERE to visit the network marketing business opportunity page to learn more.

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