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Legal information Lagos Nigeria - Legal information is available offline in Nigeria in overwhelming streams. In fact, the legal business is a thriving business because virtually everything you do requires you to secure legal advice to protect your interest.

Two issues peculiar to Nigeria strike me as I write the above.

1. Availability of Nigeria legal related information online and

2. The willingness of Nigerians to reach out for this information

Yes, it is true that legal matters are extensively covered in Nigeria newspapers like the Nigerian Guardian that devotes a section of the dailies to legal advice.

It is also true that many legal journals are available offline that provide some very specific legal information and advice for people who wish to be enlightened.

Believe me, those offline sources of legal advice has been of great help to millions of people.

However, a gap still exist with regards to online presence of Nigeria legal information.

Today's world is about convenience. People want stuff to come to them not they searching for it.

For example, Info Tech gurus have developed the RSS (really simple syndication) that allows people to subscribe to online news sources. Once they subscribe, news is sent to them, on their computers, as soon as it breaks.

That means subscribers get updated every hour and every minute as events happen around the world.

You can subscribe to my RSS feed free and experience how this works. When you subscribe to my RSS feed, you receive messages on your computer through your RSS reader anytime new information appears on this web site.

For example, you get instant notification when . . .

  • when I add new pages to this web site (more free information for you!)
  • when someone post a juicy property offer on this web site
  • when someone post news on this web site in the Lagos news section or Nigeria news section
  • when someone post an exciting thread in the real estate forum section and
  • when anything new appears on this site to educate and inform you

    Bottom line.

  • The news comes to you on your computer. You don't go searching for it.

    That is convenience!

    The people in today's world want convenience. So, legal information in Nigeria also needs to go online to serve the needs of the growing population of Nigerians online.

    The second bit about legal information and legal advice is the reluctance of many Nigerians to legally secure their interest in transactions because of the cost of engaging the services of a lawyer or attorney.

    Engaging the services of a lawyer is especially important when it comes to business transactions.

    For example, when you decide to purchase property, be sure to use the services of a real estate attorney. It will be fool-hardy not to because you risk loosing your investment if the contract of sale and deed of assignmnet are not documented by a legal professional as required to protect your interest.

    This also applies when you offer your property for rent to potential tenants. Always, always use the service of a lawyer.

    Yes, lawyers charge a fee. But they save you a whole lot of trouble because they help you secure your transactions.

    So, don't be "penny wise pound foolish". Engage the services of a lawyer for every business transaction or property purchase and rental.

    P.S: Barrister Blessing Imafidon is my personal lawyer. You can use her services whenever you need a lawyer you can trust. Click HERE to contact her.

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