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Landlord rights Lagos Nigeria - When a tenant rents or lease a property from a landlord he or she is presented with a lease agreement that clearly state the responsibilities of the landlord toward the tenant and vice versa.

The lease agreement essentially states the landlord rights concisely and without any ambiguity. But as the landlord has rights, so too does the tenant.

Yes, it is true that the landlord is the property owner who has invested huge sums investing in Nigeria real estate. And so, he reserves the right to do as he pleases. In fact, some landlords have the habit of shoving this fact in the face of tenants whenever there is a difference of opinion between the landlord and the tenants.

"This is my house! If you don't like my rules, then get out!"

It is common to hear terrible landlords in Lagos Nigeria use that line and bossy tone. But hey, the tenant have rights too!

So, what are landlord rights and tenant rights?

Standard lease agreements state landlord rights as follows:


The Landlord hereby covenants with the Tenant (subject to the payment by the Tenant of all the rents and other sums payable hereunder and provided that the Tenant has complied with all the covenants and obligations on the part of the Tenant to be performed and observed) as follows:

1.1 To keep the Demised Premises structurally sound air and watertight and the exterior of the Demised Premises in good and tenantable repair and condition.

1.2 That the Tenant paying the rents hereby reserved and observing and performing the several covenants and stipulations herein on the part of the Tenant contained shall peaceably and quietly hold and enjoy the Demised Premises throughout the Term without any interruption by the Landlord or any person rightfully claiming under or in trust for the Landlord.


2.1 If and whenever during the Term the said rents or other sums hereby reserved or made payable or any of them or any part thereof shall be in arrears and unpaid for thirty (30) days after becoming due whether formally demanded or not it shall be lawful for the Landlord without any formal notice at any time thereafter and notwithstanding the waiver of any previous right of re-entry to re-enter into and upon the Demised Premises or any part thereof in the name of the whole and thereupon this Tenancy shall absolutely cease and be determined but without prejudice to any rights or remedies which may have accrued to the Landlord against the Tenant in respect of any breach of any of the covenants herein contained.

2.2 If the Tenant shall fail to pay the rents or any other sum due under this Tenancy whether formally demanded or not the Tenant shall pay to the Landlord interest on such rent or unpaid sum at the Bank interest rate prevailing on the last day of the last year of the Term calculated up to the date on which they are actually paid and such interest shall be deemed to be rents due to the Landlord.

2.3 Nothing in the preceding clause shall entitle the Tenant to withhold or delay any payment of the rents or any other sum due under this Tenancy after the date upon which they fall due or in any way prejudice affect or derogate from the rights of the Landlord in relation to such non-payment including (but without prejudice to the generality of the above) under the proviso for re-entry contained in this tenancy.

2.4 The Rent herein paid is subject to review at the expiration of the two-year term granted and subsequent renewals thereafter shall be done annually and shall be determined at the prevailing market rental value of similar properties within the neighborhood.

2.5 Three (3) months before the expiration of the Term, the Landlord and the Tenant shall carry out joint inspection of the Demised Premises. After such inspection, the Landlord shall cause to be served on the Tenant a notice in writing indicating any repairs or renovation (if any) which need to be done or any defect, decay or want of repair found in breach of the covenants contained in the Tenancy and requiring the Tenant to execute the repairs or remedy the defect, decay or want of repair immediately.

If the Tenant does not proceed diligently with the execution of the repairs within 21 days after service of the said notice the Landlord may (but without prejudice to any other right or remedy) enter the Demised Premises with all necessary workmen and appliances and execute the repairs and the cost of the repairs shall be a debt due to the Landlord under this Tenancy agreement.

Sorry, about the legal terms above expressing the landlord rights. It is the way the typical real estate attorney craft lease agreement.

You will notice that the agreement above, which is a section of a valid lease agreement, states the obligation of the landlord to the tenant. In simple language, the landlord covenants to . . .

1. Ensure the property is structurally sound and in good condition and

2. Allow the tenant to enjoy his stay in the rented apartment with minimal disturbance, if any

However, the next section consolidates the landlord rights by using the words, "provided always . . . ".

This means that the landlord's covenant to the tenant is conditional. That is, dependent on the tenant meeting certain obligations.

Real estate attorneys defend the interest of landlords - their clients - not tenants. See why it makes perfect sense to build your own home and become a proud landlord?

My advice?

Rent an apartment when . . .

1. You are comfortable with the landlord

2. Comfortable with the apartment and

3. Comfortable with terms of the lease agreement.


Request to see a copy of the lease agreement before you pay for the apartment. That way, you can check out if you don't like what you see.

P.S: Another way to look at landlord rights is to view it from the perspective of the tenants obligation to the landlord. That is, the tenant's obligation to the landlord are the landlord rights.

Click HERE to download a standard lease agreement.

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