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Landlord forms Lagos Nigeria - Many landlords in Lagos present lease forms for tenants to fill. These landlord forms generally request basic information from the potential tenant.

Information requested via the forms include:

  • the name of the potential tenant
  • the occupation of the potential tenant
  • the business address of the potential tenant
  • the current address of the potential tenant
  • the state of origin of the potential tenant
  • the telephone number of the potential tenant
  • the email address of the potential tenant
  • the family size of the potential tenant (e.g. number of children)
  • . . . and more depending on how liberal or stringent the landlord is.

    What you will find on landlord forms in Lagos Nigeria is very similar to what appears in the application forms of Lagos Nigeria real estate agents and some real estate attorney involved in property sale and letting.

    Real estate agents usually will require you to fill their real estate application form when you contact them indicating your interest to buy or rent a property in Lagos. The application form will request much of the information above plus . . .

  • Your preferred location
  • Your maximum budget
  • the kind of property you seek - For example, duplex, bungalow, or 3/4 bedroom flat.
  • Other features (for example, all rooms ensuite, property with garden or swimming pool, luxury apartment or furnished apartment etc

    When you clearly define you need this way, it enables the real estate agent to narrow down on properties that will match your request.

    Most landlords in Lagos Nigeria who use real estate agents do not have separate landlord forms that potential tenants are required to complete. When their agent informs them that a potential tenant is available and want to meet the landlord, the landlord simply tells the agent to come along with the real estate application form completed by the potential tenant.

    The real estate agent simply makes a copy of the property application form and this forms the basis for discussion with the landlord.

    As you seek to rent a property, remember that there are landlord rights and tenant rights. So, when you have viewed a property and concluded that you want to rent it, be sure to ask the landlord one-on-one what his terms are during your first meeting with the landlord.

  • Be sure to ask the landlord for a blank copy of the lease agreement you will be required to sign after you pay the rental price for the property.

    Bottom line.

    Draw up a list of possible questions and concerns you have and discuss them when you meet with the landlord. At the end of this meeting, you should be able to decisively say whether you still want to go ahead and rent the residential apartment or residential real estate.

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