Lagos Water Supply - Opportunities Begging For Investors

Lagos water supply is provided by the state water corporation. Unfortunately, the water supplied is grossly inadequate for the exploding population of Lagos state Nigeria.

Over 40% of Lagos state does not have access to pipe borne water from the state's water corporation. So, how do residents get portable water for consumption and for other uses?

They generate water themselves by building wells and boreholes.

Wells are cheaper to build and so are more popular. The downside is that well water is not suitable for human consumption.

Consequently, residents of homes with well water have to buy drinking water from owners of homes with borehole water.

To make matters worse, some areas rarely have borehole water. So, what do they do? How do they get portable water to drink?

The absence of portable water gave birth to a business opportunity . . . water tankers.

Water tankers basically move portable water from locations that have clean water to locations that lack it . . . at a price.

Lagos water supply business is lucrative because of the large population estimated at fifteen million inhabitants.

The water business has moved a step further in the last couple of years. It's not just about water tankers supplying water to residents anymore.

The high demand for drinkable portable water in Lagos gave birth to what is called pure water . . . water in small sachets. These are sold in shops and on the streets and are in high demand because of temperate climate.

The business of selling water has also moved beyond just selling water in sachets. Now we have water in portable pet bottles ready to drink.

The various water supply sources sell hand in hand. Water in sachets sell for about 0.035 cents per sachet while 70cl bottled water sell for about 57 cents.

Thinking of investing in the business of water supply?

Think Lagos.

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