Lagos Traffic - Hectic Traffic Jam. Madness On The Roads.

Lagos traffic jam is one of the many unpleasant things about Lagos Nigeria. So, be prepared for long winding queues when you visit this city of diverse population.

Oh, yes. There are traffic jams in many modern cities of the world. In fact, hectic traffic situation seems to be the hallmark of modern cities.

So, what's special about Lagos traffic?

Nothing. It's just that it can be a lot better because much of the traffic madness is caused by drivers' refusal to obey simple traffic rules.

For example, most commercial bus drivers enjoy driving 'one way' against oncoming vehicles. Once there is a queue for any reason, they change lane and start driving against traffic.

How does that help the situation?

It doesn't. It just compounds it.

To make matters worse, private car owners have joined the bandwagon. You know what they say: "If you can't beat them, join them".

So, private car owners have joined the unruly commercial bus drivers in the road madness.

Consequently, the queues are longer, the madness wilder, and the city more hectic. Sometimes, the situation can be so bad that you stay in a spot for up to an hour - complete standstill.


The way around that for many folks is to leave home as early as possible.

For example, I live on the outskirts of the city in a new developing area. The drive to my office on a good day . . . early in the morning . . . is 40 minutes.

If I leave home later than 6am, that trip will become a 90 minutes trip.

My best option?

Leave home earlier than 6am or at worst 6am.

That works when you're leaving home for work in the mornings. What about when you're returning?

Well, for me, if I leave my office by 5pm, the drive will be 1 hour. If I leave by 6pm, the drive will be 2 hours. If I leave later than 6pm, the drive will be 2.5 hours.

I can truthfully tell you that my case is better than that of a lot of people.

For instance, some people actually work 1 - 2 hours drive from where I work and they leave farther than where I leave.

Certainly, it's not funny. This is useful man-hours spent on the road!

No doubt about it. Lagos traffic jams can be irritating, annoying, and even heartbreaking.

Thinking of relocating to Lagos?

Well, think again.

Okay, if it's this bad, why do we stay?

Work. Money. A means of livelihood.

Yes, Lagos is hectic. But there are opportunities here. That is why we have come here. And that is why thousands more are trouping in.

Do you have a smart option that can make Lagos traffic jam disappear?

Package your innovative idea creatively and sell it to the state government. When they buy it, you could become a billionaire.

Honestly, you can make huge profits if you have the magic wand to make the traffic madness disappear.

This is one opportunity that is begging to be explored. Grab it with both hands if you can.

This is my offer . . . if you can make the traffic jam disappear from Lagos, I will buy you a drink.

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