Lagos Shopping - Shop In Lagos Markets or Executive Style

Lagos shopping or shopping in Lagos can be done in one of several ways or a combination of options.

The options available are . . .

  • Shopping from hawkers on the streets
  • Shopping in Lagos markets
  • Shopping in road side shops or
  • Shopping in supermarkets or large departmental stores
  • The street hawkers sell a variety of stuff, which includes

  • Fruits (oranges, apple, pear etc)
  • Drinks (Pepsi, coca cola, fruit juice)
  • Pure water (sachet water) and bottled water
  • Fruit juice
  • Recharge cards
  • CDs/DVDs and even
  • Electrical components

    There's no limit to what is sold on the streets by hawkers. Some are genuine while others are sub-standard goods.

    Whether you like shopping on the streets or not, these street hawkers can be pretty helpful when you're stuck in a mind-boggling traffic jam and you're dying of thirst.

    The other lagos shopping options available to you are the open Lagos market option and the street shops.

    Most people shop from the local market.

    The local market system in Lagos Nigeria and the whole of Nigeria is such that vendors come to the market with their wares and display them in spaces allocated to them.

    The open market system is usually rowdy and crowded. But that's where most people shop - the poor, the very poor, and even some of the rich.

    Products mostly sold in open Largos markets are foodstuff like Garri, yam, palm oil, vegetable oil, tomatos, beans, rice etc.

    Yes, the rich folks . . . even the very rich folks . . . also shop from the open markets.


    Because much of the foodstuff available in the open markets are not available in supermarkets.

    Yes, the rich also shop here. But then, most send their househelps, cook, or home manager.

    Large supermarkets and departmental stores are also available in Nigeria. This is where rich folks converge and buy in hygienic conditions and at prices that will make the poor grin with envy.

    Ready to shop in Lagos Nigeria?

    Shop from Lagos open markets or shop executive style. It's your choice.

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