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Lagos schools are some of the best in Nigeria. Education is top priority in Lagos Nigeria and Lagos state educators - administrators and teachers - have risen up to the challenge.

The purpose of this Lagos school guide is to provide helpful free tips to enable you choose the school that is right for your child.

Lagos Nigeria has both public and private schools.

Public schools are government owned and run by the Lagos state government. The government caters for curriculum, administration, and all of the resources required to run the schools.

However, since governments around the world are often not good business managers, most public schools around the country are poorly run - resources available are over-stretched and often poorly allocated.

The result?

Half-baked students.

The alternatively to public schools or government owned Lagos schools is private schools.

Most private schools in Lagos Nigeria and around the country are solely owned by a single individual referred to as the proprietress.

To be fair, private schools are committed to unalloyed education of the Nigerian child because they are in business to serve the customer. And they understand that the customer - students and parents - can take their business elsewhere if they do not get value for the money spent on school fees.

Consequently, most Lagos schools run by private individuals do well in terms of service delivery and management. But as with every business or profession, there are quacks in the industry. And these are the ones you need to be especially careful of.

Use the free tips below

Free School Tips

The following tips will help you make the right choice of school for your child.

1. Review Your financial situation

Honestly assess your financial situation vis a vis the number of kids you have. What do you earn per month? How much of that goes into payment of . . .

  • rent
  • electricity bills
  • Generator fuel and maintenance bills
  • phone bills
  • housekeeping bills managed by your wife

    . . . and other miscellaneous expenses?

  • How much is left to pay for school fees and buy books?

    It is better to attend a public school than to attend a private school with eroded standards.

    So, if your financial situation is such that you cannot afford private schools for your kids in Lagos, then settle for public schools where the school management is committed to educating the kids with purpose.

    2. Visit the school and ask to speak with the head teacher or headmaster or principal

    3. Observe activities in the school and draw your conclusion

    4. Evaluate the school's customer service

    Business-oriented, standards-focused schools often have business-oriented and purposeful customer service.

    If customer service is poor, it is likely that their service delivery will also be poor or sloppy. Both are bad for your kids.

    5. Assess the school environment. Is it conducive for learning?

    6. Look out for neighbours whose kids attend the school you intend to send your kids. Are they satisfied with the school? What is the performance of their kids?

    In summary, don't just send your kids to a school located near where you live. Send them to schools renowned for quality teaching and training - schools that will impact knowledge and add value to your kids.

    This applies to both private and public schools in Lagos Nigeria and everywhere else in the country.

    It's your decision. Do the right thing.

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