Lagos Restaurants - Get Ready For Nigerian Delicacies

Lagos restaurants basically fall into three categories.

1. The Bukas

2. The middle class restaurants and

3. The hotel-styled restaurants

A Buka is usually a small eatery that is more or less a corner shop. Bukas are known for their simplicity.

Seats and tables are usually made of poor quality wood and the building housing the Buka is often made of wood.

Bukas are found near busy bus stops. And they attract a large crowd because food in these restaurants are considerably cheaper. Expectedly, food safety and good hygiene practice is also lacking.

Bukas essentially serve local Nigerian dishes such as Amala, pounded yam, and Eba accompanied with local soup such as Egusi soup, Bitter leaf soup, or Ogbonno soup. Also included in the menu list is rice, beans, and dodo.

Middle class restaurants are different. They truly deserve to be called restaurants.

These restaurants serve both local and international dishes. The local flavour includes the menu list above.

The international bit includes fried rice, jollof rice, salad, peppered chicken and so on.

The organized fast food industry in Nigeria has also ventured into restaurants. Now many fast food eateries in Lagos like Sweet Sensation, Tantalizers etc offer local Nigerian delicacies like eba with egusi soup, pounded yam, and fresh fish. (The list is endless).

The increased investment by fast food businesses in restaurants tells the average Nigerian that business is good.

The third form of restaurant in Lagos Nigeria is the hotel-styled restaurant.

These restaurants offer services comparable to what is offered in 5 star hotels. The menu list is jam-packed with high-sounding names that confuse the average Nigeria.

Sometimes the names taste (sound) better than the food itself!

A common feature of the hotel-styled classy restaurant is the high cost of menu. Believe me, it's not for the faint-hearted.

Check your pocket before you order. Otherwise, you may have to pay with your shoes and expensive wrist watch (if they're worth anything to the restaurant owner).

So, where would you lunch or dine when you hit Lagos next time?

The best restaurant, of course!

My advice?

First weigh your pocket.

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