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Lagos Guide - Answers To Common Concerns About Lagos Nigeria

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lagos guide nigeria west africa

Lagos Guide: "Lagos Nigeria is a land of opportunities. Here we walk on streets of gold. Once you come to Lagos, your life will never be the same again".

That is what many people think! Oh, what shock they receive when they relocate!

This Lagos guide provides solid information about Lagos Nigeria so you can make the right choices.

Let's start with the basics.

Lagos is the commercial capital of Nigeria. This means that it is a land bubbling with commercial activities. Commercial activities translate to jobs and opportunities for business and profits.

Consequently, many folks from Nigeria's countless rural communities have trooped to Lagos in search of the golden fleece.

More often than not, hundreds of these people relocate to Lagos without first consulting any Lagos guide or thinking through their relocation plans.

Unfortunately, not all of their dreams have been realized.

Instead of streets paved with gold, migrating Nigerians see potholes everywhere they look. Instead of jobs, many face intense hardships. Instead of cozy accommodation with modern facilities, many live under overhead bridges.

The search for a better life in Lagos has led to a surge in population. Sadly, the facilities available were not specifically designed to take that influx of human traffic.

The result?

Tough times for many inhabitants of this busy mega city.

So, if you're thinking of relocating to Lagos Nigeria, plan your relocation properly.

Where do you intend to stay? How do you intend to pay for your accommodation? How much can you afford?

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Perhaps you're not thinking of relocating. Perhaps you simply are thinking of coming home for vacation or on a business trip.

Whatever the case, accommodation is key. But that shouldn't bother you because we have apartments for rent that will satisfy the most stringent of needs.

You may also have some concerns besides the question of accommodation. For example, you may have heard some bad reports about Lagos or Nigeria in general.

For instance, you may have concerns about Lagos . . .

  • Security
  • Transport
  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Lagos School Directory
  • Car rental
  • Roads
  • Restaurants
  • Real estate agents
  • Air travel
  • Beaches
  • Apartment search
  • Shopping
  • Traffic
  • News
  • Dating
  • Singles
  • Luxury Apartment . . . and several other little details about Lagos Nigeria.
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    It is the course of wisdom to have considerable information about a new country before you visit so you stay within the boundaries of the country's laws and stay out of trouble.

    Consequently, I am devoting a few pages of this site to providing some detailed information about Lagos so you know ahead of time what you should expect.

    But let me say this upfront.

    Nigerians are hospitable people. You will find them very helpful whenever and wherever you need a helping hand.

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