Lagos Dating - Lagos Girls Versus Village Girls

lagos dating lagos nigeria africa

Lagos dating with Lagos girls is considered dangerous by many. They think Lagos girls are too wise.

What do you think?

If you're planning to re-locate to Lagos, this may be the least of your worries. But if you've settled down to your work and your daily routine, you may begin to consider dating.

Be rest assured that there is nothing special or strange about Lagos dating. Dating is a natural phenomenon that happens everywhere in the world.

However, Lagos Nigeria is a modern city with peculiar challenges. Hence, the way women interact will definitely be influenced by their experiences.

Lagos is tough. That is a sobering realization.

Consequently, most girls are not keen on sticking with a man who does not have a stable job or earn substantial income.

Besides, Lagos is a city where education is priority. So, the majority of Lagos girls are educated. Therefore it is difficult to pull wool across their eyes.

They're smart, experienced, intelligent.

Some men have misconstrued this to mean they are "too wise", too itchy for money.

Hence, some have decided to go back to their local villages to date and marry what they call a more homely, more cultured, and more submissive girl.

Unfortunately, many now realize that there really isn't any innocent village girl anymore because television is virtually in every village in Nigeria.

These village girls watch TV. They see fashion shows, they see glamour, they see life in the big cities of the world.

They watch movies. They "taste" the good and the bad. And they have ambitious dreams as a result. The result is that the majority are no longer innocent village girls.

Many Lagos men who traveled far into the depth of Nigeria . . . their villages . . . to marry an "innocent girl" soon discover that the smoogy interface between village life and Lagos life ends up making the village girls even wilder than Lagos girls.

It is true that some Lagos girls have itching palm. That is also true of many girls in virtually every country of the world.

Every community has its own share of unruly individuals, male and female.

Yes, there are corruptible women in Lagos. But then there are also wonderful women.

My wife is one of such women.

My wife was born and bred in Lagos Nigeria.

She lives and breath Lagos even though she is a native of Delta state Nigeria.

The best part is that she is a wonderful person. She is exciting to work and live with. She has an amazing sense of humour. And her love and devotion makes me the happiest man on earth.

Thinking of Lagos dating? Want to marry a Lagos girl?

You have nothing to worry about. Lagos has wonderful women.

But be careful. You could become a prey to some greedy high class society woman if you loose your guard.

Take your time and do a thorough search. You will find true love in Lagos.

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