Lagos Accommodation – Problems of Accommodation Lagos Africa

Lagos accommodation problem is compounded by the rapid growth of the population. More and more people are trooping to Lagos Nigeria daily in search of the golden fleece.

Lagos Nigeria is a commercial city housing numerous companies. The presence of these companies means more jobs are available in Lagos city.

Consequently, accommodation Lagos Africa is a big challenge.

Lagos accommodation, as with accommodation anywhere in the world, requires money.

However, many job seekers who swarm around companies in Lagos city do not have money.

They come searching for jobs so they can earn enough to rent accommodation and make honest living. But then, the mass of people who swarm around these companies far out-number the jobs available.

This have given birth to slums.

The result is that many sleep under bridges and in uncompleted buildings or buildings under construction. Some with little money who do get an accommodation do so in filthy slums.

Thinking of moving to Lagos Nigeria Africa?

Be sure to make proper arrangements for your accommodation in Lagos. Otherwise, you may end up in the street, a slum, or some building under construction.

Your movement to Lagos Africa should be given some forethought. Plan ahead.

If you're a Nigerian currently residing in your home town or village, prepare for the move over time. This is especially true if you do not have a relative in Lagos you can hookup with until you secure a job.

Another thing.

Getting a job in Lagos Nigeria is not instantaneous. Hundreds of people have been in Lagos searching for job for years with nothing yet to count on.

If you live in Lagos and don't have an accommodation in Lagos, you understand how tough things can be. For those planning to move to Lagos, secure an accommodation before you move.

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