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Jobs in Nigeria are few compared to the number of unemployed. The same is true of jobs in Africa. Economic instability and political maneuvres have tended to result in more economic woes for the poor.

In Nigeria for example, the energy crisis has meant that every company have had to generate its own power. This consumes a huge amount of resources forcing companies to re-consider the viability of doing business in Nigeria.

To make matters worse, Nigeria port congestion has often meant that companies sometimes lose valuable production time due to inability to get their raw and packaging materials from the port as and when needed.

The result?

More companies folding up and shipping their factories to countries like Ghana, Benin republic, or any other African country with more stable utilities and more conducive environment for business.

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The impact of this is that jobs in Nigeria are dwindling. Jobs in Africa as a whole are also dwindling because of increasing cases of civil war and political unrest.

Where does all of this leave the poor in the society?

They become even poorer.

It is clear that waiting for Nigeria jobs or Africa jobs . . . paid employment offered by multinational companies . . . may not be the answer to your problems. It's time you take charge of your destiny.


Well, by taking full advantage of the resources on this site.

Let me explain.

I regularly receive emails from desperate folks . . . Nigerians and foreigners . . . anxiously asking if there are vacancies in my company. Often, the answer is NO. Don't blame me. I can't employ one-third of the country's population.

Since I keep receiving this jobs in Nigeria requests, I decided to offer a free Nigeria job site and job listing service so people who visit my site can get access to job opportunities and other opportunities for them to earn money.

The links below provides an opportunity to market your skills to the world. Search the job openings. But also post your profile in the relevant directory so potential clients can find you and engage your services.


Use the links below to maximize your potential.

One last thing.

Remember to tell your network of friends. Use the 'Myspace', 'Facebook', or any of the other buttons at the bottom of the page to spread the word. Help and be helped.

Nigeria Jobs Resources

Use the links below to navigate the opportunities available on this site.

Real Estate Jobs

Applicant CV - Post your CV if you wish to work in a real estate company

Nanny Jobs

Nannies For Hire - Post Your Resume

Female Models Directory

Male Models Directory

Female Escort Directory

Male Escort Directory

Vacancy Camera Man

Nigeria Jobs Site - Premium Employment Web Site

The number 1 web site for jobs in Nigeria is This job site is an international employment web site with a Nigerian Jobs directory fully and completely dedicated to job opportunities in Nigeria.

Click HERE to get the job of your dreams . . . Nigerian or international jobs.

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