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Investment property Lagos Nigeria - If you are thinking of investing in Lagos Nigeria real estate, I highly recommend that you invest in investment properties because it is the path to guaranteed high return on your real estate investment.

I say that with complete sense of responsibility. I say that because I am both a real estate consultant and a real estate investor. And I know from experience that there is no better way to invest in real estate.

Wait. How else can you invest in real estate?

Well, let me explain.

There are essentially three ways to invest.

1. You invest because it is investment property - That is, properties that have potential to deliver a valuable return on investment within a reasonable time frame

2. You invest based on sentiments - Essentially, you say "I want to invest in this neighbourhood because I love it" or "I grew up in this neighbourhood and so I want to buy a property there".

3. You invest because of your status - your friends are doing it or people in your social class are doing it

Investment property is about seeing real estate investing as a business.

You are investing your capital and you expect return on your investment. In fact, you do better than that.

You actually don't invest unless the property in question meets certain investment criteria. For example, you may base your investment decision on criteria such as . . .

  • Structural integrity of building
  • Title on property
  • Percentage growth in investment year or year
  • Historical financial data and
  • Payback period

    Why are these criteria important?

    Structural integrity of the building is important because no matter how profitable the property is, it will be of little use if the property collapes due to poor structural design or construction.

    The tile of the property is important because if the title is not good, you risk losing your investment.

  • For example, if you buy a property on land acquired by the Laos state government, the government will eventually pull down the property. So, owning a property with poor or bad title is as good as not owning a property at all. It's as good as putting your money in incinerator.

    The year on year growth in investment, historical financial data, and payback period show how profitable the property really is. It indicates whether the property is worth investing in or not.

    Bottom line.

    If you want to make money from real estate, think like the smart real estate investor. Make your investment decision based on facts and financial returns not on sentiments.

    Invest in investment properties.

    This shift in mindset from <>simply investing because it is the right thing to do to investing for profitability is critical to investing long-term in your future.

    All properties are assets. But some properties make money for their owners while others just sit there.

    So, think about it. What do you want? Properties that have consistent two-digit growth in value or properties that have single-digit growth in value?

    You want more money or less money? Want to retire and live happily after with good returns from your real estate investment?

    If so, shift your mindset to investment property investing.

    Think like a seasoned investor. And smile to your bank as the money start rolling.

    P.S. Investing in investment properties can change your life for good. But what categories of properties fall into this category in Lagos Nigeria? How can you maximize your return on these kind of properties? The book, "Investment Property Strategies - 7 Proven Strategies To Make Money From Lagos Nigeria Real Estate" teaches you all you need to know to make money from Lagos Nigeria real estate.

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