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Investing in real estate Lagos Nigeria - Investing in real estate in Lagos Nigeria is easy. However, most people don't. Instead they invest in stocks, in business, or some other endeavours.

Nigeria Real Estate Investing 101

There is absolutely nothing wrong with investing in the Nigerian stock exchange or in business. But a better approach is to diversify your investment. When you do, you spread your risk.

In view of this, the very first step to real estate investing is . . . DECIDE to invest in property.

Understand that real estate is a lucrative business and not just a way to own a house like every other well paid colleague in your office, club, or religious organization.

Now that you understand the true value of investing in real estate, the next step is to evaluate the Nigeria real estate investing opportunities available
to you. A great way to start is to consult a real estate agent to discuss the options available.

One of the first questions the real estate agent will ask you is what your budget is. And the reason for that is not far-fetched.

You know that you can't invest in anything without money. And the extent of investment that you can achieve is dependent on the amount of funds you have to invest.

With respect to property investing, house prices are dependent on location and the market value of those locations. For example, as at the time of this writing, a plot of land measuring 668 square metres cost . . .

  • 500,000 Naira in Mowe Ofada
  • 1.5 million Naira in Ayobo area of Lagos Nigeria
  • 6 million Naira in Isheri North residential scheme
  • 8 million Naira in Sparklight Estate
  • 35 million Naira in Northern Foreshore and
  • 50 million Naira in Nicon estate Lekki

Bottom line.

Location affect prices of Nigeria real estate and, indeed, real estate in virtually every part of the world.

So, when investing in real estate becomes an option for you, speaking with a trusted Nigeria real estate agent will give you clear perspective on what your
budget can afford and what location and property type you should go for.

My advice?

Stick with buying a land in an estate with global Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) if your budget is not enough to buy the kind of property you desire.

Why a land?

Well, you can always build your desired property type on the land later when your finances improve.

What you must never do . . .

Don't postpone investing in property or homes for sale simply because you can't afford a luxury apartment.

Instead start small, if you must, because if you don't invest that money in real estate now, the money may just disappear into thin air and you can't account for how it all went.

Take my advice. It is the course of wisdom.

P.S: Read the Real Estate Investing Book for more real estate investing tips. This can help you avoid making the kind of mistakes that could cost you millions of Naira.

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Warning: Property prices change over time. So prices mentioned in this article may have changed substantially from reality. Please do your own price research.

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