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Free internet business advice Lagos Nigeria - Internet business is about the most talked about kind of business in Nigeria.

The Nigerian daily newspapers are filled with adverts from people promising that they have the strategy to help you make as much as 500,000 to 1,000,000 Naira per month from your online business.

When you investigate these claims further, you will find that many of these people do not make a dime online.

They advocate schemes that they promise will make you stinking rich overnight whereas they themselves are poor and are barely able make ends meet. They are hoping you will get greedy and buy their expensive ebooks that they promise will make you rich.

They want to get rich from selling you their expensive ebooks that contain outdated strategies!

That is despicable!

Does this mean you cannot make money online in Nigeria?

Of course not!

What this means is that most people who have internet business do not make enough from their online business to fire their boss and live the life of their dreams.


Why do 90 percent of online business people fail?

The reason is simple.

People fail with their online business because they use . . .

1. the wrong tools

2. the wrong process and

3. lack the right education

I make money from my web site because I use the right combination of online tools, process, and education.

Every month I collect my American cheque here in Nigeria, pay it to my bank, and collect my money in U.S. dollars.

It's as simple as that.

You can do the same. But you have to use the right online business software that provides the right tools, the right process, and the online education that guarantees success.

The purpose of this page is to help as many Nigerians as possible break free from the shackles of poverty and live the life of their dreams by building an online business that actually makes them money . . . a business they can run from home and earn much more than they currently earn from their day job.

In simple words . . . I am offering you free internet business training using the same software I use to generate a monthly income that surpass what most people make in six months.

What web design software do I use?

I use a web based software called Solo Build It!

Solo Build It! (abbreviated, SBI!) is an all-in-one site building and site-marketing software that helps ordinary people build profitable web sites.

Want to build an online business that will make you money?

Use Solo Build It!

How do you get started?

Simply order SBI using the form below. Read the SBI manual and start building your own web business that will make you money month after month, year on year.

Order Site Build It!

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