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Intercontinental Bank MasterCard Nigeria

by Samson Itoje

Intercontinental bank is one of the banks in Nigeria currently offering Mastercard debit cards.

For years Nigerians living in Nigeria were denied access to online purchases because credit card and debit card services were not available in Nigeria. And the fraudsters capitalized on this to rip off Nigerians desperate to get credit cards.

Fortunately, that era has passed and we now have several banks offering Mastercard and Visa card credit and debit cards to desirous Nigerians and foreigners living in Nigeria.

How easy is it to get these cards?

In the case of Intercontinental bank, I will say 'dead easy'.

Here is how I secured one for myself.

I went into the branch on Awolowo way Ikeja and spoke with the lady in customer service. The lady there explained that they have two types of card: the prepaid debit card Mastercard and the credit card version.

She said I could get the prepaid Mastercard immediately I filled the application form and attach a recent photograph.

The prepaid mastercard debit card was in three categories: the $500 card, the $1000 card, and the $2000 card. The charge for obtaining the card was $25. And I would pay $5 service charge each time I refilled the card.

She explained that the second option, the credit card option, would take two weeks for processing.

I opted for the debit card.

She gave me the Mastercard application form to fill. I did. I then attached a passport and paid $525 to obtain the $500 card.

Behind the card was a list of numbers to call to activate the card. I called and the card was activated within 24 hours.

Now that I had the card, I decided to test its acceptance at online shopping mall. This is the acid test . . . the test that shows the real value of an issued Mastercard.

I bought a domain name online and the purchase was successful. I even received a purchase invoice from the online merchant based overseas notifying me of my purchase and specifically stating that it was successful.


Ready to shop online?

Visit any branch of Intercontinental bank and obtain intercontinental bank Mastercard.

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Intercontinental Bank Visa Card
by: Oluyege. J.O

It is pleasant to use Intercontinental Bank visa card in United States of America. I tested my card with ATM machines in several places including restaurants and it worked.
The Intercontinental Bank Visa card makes life easy outside Nigeria.

my worries
by: Andrew Felix

It is to many people a luck if i may say so, to start and complete all their transaction in the Almighty Intercontinental Bank without any problems....... To me is a bad luck. before i got a $100 pre paid master card from Intercontintal Bank Calabar Road Calabar in Cross River State was not easy, the only thing they did not ask me to present to them was my birth Certificate. After all ,I spend over 5 working days to get my pin number And more than #1,000 to call for activation....Ooooh, what a mess????? I tried to use the card for 3 days the comfirmation massage was: "the card is invalid". I had to call again to validate the card........

Just last week Friday 2nd Jan. 2009 I reloaded the card with $100, to use, the comfaition massage was " this credit card is not accepted for htis transaction". I called to ask for reason, all the customer's care representatives wrer asking me of whether I'm the owner of the card, if it is true ..... What is my mother's name, how many next of kin do I have, what about my childrens, my occupation, were I'm I calling from, what kind of phone I'm I using, I'm I single or married, ????????????? Before I know it, #1,000 recharge card will finish. ..... please tell me, what are we thinking when a bank said to be No. 1 employs illitrate into banking system because of personallity? A prepaid card is money. one can buy it, dash it out to friends, send as gifts to loved ones ....... it is not a property. Then how come a fullish man or woman will be asking such nonsence questions to verifies ones right to use a $100 prepaid master card.

My worries is that the bank is not up to that standard to provide such services to the puplic, it is an embarrassment.

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