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Information Marketing - Make Money By Sharing or Selling Information About What You Know.

by samson

Information Marketing - Make Money By Sharing or Selling Information About What You Know

Information Marketing - Make Money By Sharing or Selling Information About What You Know

Information marketing has become popular because it is a stress-free way to make money.

But, what is information marketing?

Information marketing (also called knowledge marketing) is simply the process of establishing yourself as an expert by sharing information about things you know in writing or verbal communication.

Information sharing (or selling your knowledge) occurs through seminars, free articles in news magazines, video production, and TV and radio appearances.


How do you make money by simply sharing information?

Well, it's actually a smart business concept.

This business concept is such that you first give to the society before you take.

For example, suppose you are an expert in treating a particular skin disorder that has become common in the community where you live. People with this condition are seriously looking for a cure. And most likely, they may have tried different treatment methods without cure.

Suppose you write an article in a popular magazine discussing that subject. In that article you provide detailed information about . . .

  • What causes the disease
  • How people get infected unknowingly
  • Why traditional methods fail to cure the disease
  • What treatment methods have proved effective against the disease and
  • Where to receive these treatments and get a permanent cure

    Writing a well-researched balanced article about a subject and using a tone that is not salesy takes time and effort. You may not get paid for this. What you're simply doing is to provide vital information to help people understand the disease and combat it appropriately.

    What happens after people who live with this disease read your information-rich article?

    A light bulb goes off in their heads. They scream, "this is the kind of information I have been searching for!"

    What do you think they will do next?

    Naturally, they will want to learn more, especially about the treatment that have proved effective against the disease.

    Who do you think they will contact when they are ready for treatment?

    Naturally, they will contact the 'expert' who wrote that stunning article about the disease . . . YOU.

    Guess what.

    They become your customers because they will buy the treatment option you offer without hesitation.

    And why?

    Simple. They see you as the expert because of the article you wrote about the disease.

    Get the point?

    By sharing information freely about any area of human endeavour where a need exist, you establish yourself as an expert in that field. And the free information you supply attract people who need what you offer. And they become your customers.

    This is information marketing at its best. And sharing information in this manner is also referred to as "selling your knowledge".

    In the example above, I considered the case of a person who knows the solution to a disease.

    However, selling information is not restricted to medical cases only. You can sell information about anything, from the serious to the mundane.

    For example, you can provide information about . . .

  • how to make ice cream that sells like crazy
  • how women can prevent falling hair
  • how to survive on a small income (frugal living tips)
  • how to get high paying jobs
  • how to dress and get men running after you
  • how to make a woman fall in love with you even if she's your boss
  • how to pass nerve-cracking interview questions
  • how to assemble computers from cheap components
  • how to shoot stunning pictures and become a successful photographer
  • how to get international passport in 72 hours or less
  • how to get a visa to any country in the world within 72 hours
  • how to study in Canada or UK for a fraction of what it should cost

    . . . and virtually information about any subject.

    The truth is . . . information selling is the biggest industry because virtually everyone on the planet is in search of one kind of information or another.

    Everyone knows something about something.

    The good news is . . . you can sell whatever it is that you know.

    Reaching Your Target Audience With The Information You Provide

    Ok, so you have information or knowledge you can sell. But how do you reach your target market?

    There are several ways to package your information and reach your target market.

    As mentioned above, the medium of information exchange include:

    1. Video production and marketing

    2. free articles in news magazines

    3. appearances on TV shows

    4. appearances on radio shows

    5. seminar presentations

    6. write instructional how-to books and

    7. publication of your information rich articles online through your own information website

    The Internet And Information Marketing - The Perfect Solution

    The media for information exchange discussed above are within reach if you have the funds and if you're a public figure.

    For example, video production and marketing cost money. And there is no guarantee that your instructional videos will sell if you're not a well-known personality in the community.

    Appearances on TV and radio shows may not come easy if you're not a popular and respected personality. No show host wants to invite a 'nobody' to her show.

    Bottom line.

    If you're a new name in the industry, a man or woman without a solid commanding public reputation, your best shot is to . . .

    1. write free articles for offline and online news magazines and

    2. self-publish your articles through your own website

    While writing for other online and offline magazines is a worthwhile venture, you must as a priority first start your own information-rich website centred around the area of your expertise.


    The reason is obvious.

    When you own your own website, you own your own customer base . . . a targeted list of customers you can continuously promote your products and services to.

    Your offline and online article writing for other new magazines can then refer clients ultimately to your website where it all happens . . . the centre of your business.

    Here's another thing to remember about having your own information rich website.

    Startup and maintenance cost is low.

    In fact, if you use the same software I use for my online business, you can maintain your own website yourself with little time commitment.

    Actually, I offer a simple and straightforward training for folks who want to build their own business empire online.

    When you attend this training, your business or hobby website could be up in 72 hours or less.

    Click HERE to learn more about my online business training offer.

    Believe me, if you're not sharing your knowledge with others through your very own website, you losing money big time.

    I know because I am an internet business expert. I make money by sharing information about what I know on the internet.

    Click HERE to learn more about my online business training offer and start generating income from your own website just like me.

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