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Vacancy For Independent Sales Representative In A Portable Cabin Manufacturing Company In Nigeria

Real Estate Investment Income Opportunity.
Juicy Compensation Plan.

Vacancy For Independent Sales Representative All Over Nigeria - A portable cabin and prefab homes manufacturing company based in Lagos Nigeria has vacancy for independent sales and marketing representatives all over Nigeria.

The company is expanding its operations throughout all the 36 states of Nigeria and, therefore, is looking for honest, hardworking, and dedicated men and women to work in partnership with the company to extend its portacabin and prefabricated building services to customers and potential customers all over the country.

Looking for a job?

Interested in working as an independent representative for the portable cabin arm of a real estate investment company?

Want to become a dealer for a portacabin manufacturing company?

Or do you already have a job but want extra cash?

The good news is . . . this real estate job opportunity (this business opportunity) is open to you whether you're looking for a job or you're already in paid employment because this portacabin dealer income opportunity is an online job opportunity you can do part-time or full-time.

Guess what.

You can apply and become one of our independent sales representative anywhere you live in Nigeria.

You're likely wondering, "How does it work? How will I make money?"

Independent Representative
Compensation Plan

When you signup as an independent sales representative of Erimama Portable Cabins . . . the premium Nigeria portable cabin company . . . you will earn money in several ways:

1. When a potential customer you refer to the business buys one of our portable cabins or portakabins and

2. When someone who signup for our independent representative program through you refer a paying customer

Earn In Multiple Ways!

Most likely you're wondering, "what happens in months that I don't facilitate any sale? Does that mean I won't earn any money that month?"

Not necessarily.

How so?

It's because we pay our partners, associates, or representatives in two ways.

One way you make money is through the sales you personally facilitate . . . sales that you close or bring to conclusion when the potential customer actually makes payment for the portable cabin, portacabin, or prefab building.

This is the first way to make money from our portable cabin home business opportunity as discussed above.

But there are other ways you earn.

You see, we are expanding our portacabin and prefabricated homes business to cover all the 36 states of Nigeria.

Therefore, we are recruiting independent sales representatives from all over the 36 states of Nigeria to help us facilitate portacabin transactions in the city or town they live in Nigeria.

Our target is to build a mobile sales force of one million independent sales representatives who are passionate about helping our customers and potential customers achieve their property investment dreams.

To help us achieve our goal faster, we pay members (our partner-in-sales) for recruiting other members.

This means that when you take this vacancy for sales representatives seriously and signup as a member of our partner program, we pay you for inviting other members of the public to join our program.

Everyone you invite to join our program through your affiliate link become a member of your team and you earn commission on every sale they close and every purchase they make through our online portacabin and prefab homes store.

We pay you . . .

1. When someone in your team makes a sale irrespective of what state the person lives in

2. When someone you enrolled purchases or facilitate the sale of any portacabins or prefab buildings

This means you can live in Kaduna and earn commission on a sale done through a dealer or distributor in Port Harcourt, even if you had no knowledge of the transaction.

This is so cool!

How is this possible?

How do we make sure everyone gets credited with all sales accruing to them and their team members and, hence, get paid the actual commission earned?


We use a state-of-the-art affiliate commission tracking software.

When you apply to join this portable cabin home business opportunity in Nigeria (our portacabin business partnership opportunity), you setup your independent sales representative online account through our online portacabin home business opportunity portal.

Your personal independent representative web site is then created for you. And the computer immediately assigns you an affiliate commission tracking link.

This is the link you will use to promote our portacabin home business opportunity and register new team members.

Everyone who signup through your affiliate link (or distributor link) to become one of our portacabin independent sales representative anywhere in Nigeria (and outside Nigeria) will be automatically added to your team. And the person is permanently put into your team for life.

This means that any time anyone in your team closes a sale, you get credited with the appropriate commission according to the compensation plan . . . every day, every month, and every year as long as you remain a member.

So, whether you personally make a sale or not, you can earn good money through the sales effort of everyone in your team.

Want to make thousands of dollars per month?

No problem.

Just invite hundreds of people into your team and build a big team.

Then cross your legs and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

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