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Ibo - The Igbo People Of Nigeria Africa

The Ibo speaking people of Nigeria are referred to as Igbos.

They are a resilient race. They are hardworking, tenacious, and resourceful.

They occupy the eastern part of Nigeria. Their means of livelihood include farming and trading. They are a very mobile race and can be found in abundance in virtually every state of the federal republic of Nigeria.

One outstanding feature about the Ibo-speaking people of Nigeria is their love for one another and their level of cooperation particularly in business matters.

Here's how it works.

The typical Igbo speaking man has one of two choices after leaving primary school. They choose to go to high school or choose to learn a trade.

Choosing high school means the person in question has chosen an academic career. Choosing to learn a trade means the man concerned has chosen a career in business . . . any kind of business.

High school in Nigeria is six years of formal and structured academic training split into two levels . . . JSS 1 - 3 and SSS 1 - 3.

In the final year (SSS 3), the student sits for the West African School Certificate Exams (WASC). If successful, the student proceeds further to . . .

  • take the UME (University matriculation exams) then
  • take the university entrance exam
  • stake the course admitted for in the university
  • serve the country for one year in the mandatory NYSC (National Youth Service Corps) scheme

After all of the above, the student turned graduate is ready for the Nigerian labour market. He graduates to face the hash realities of searching for a paid job.

On the other hand, an Igbo man who chooses to trade or do business, will be attached to a fellow Igbo man involved in a business the young man is interested in. During this period of internship, the young aspiring Ibo speaking lad does everything he is asked to do . . . in the home or office of the boss.

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The trainer provides accommodation (actually, the trainee lives with the boss) and does household chores in addition to all the business tasks he is assigned.

Bottom line.

The apprentice practically serves the boss.

However, he does this without complaining because of the reward he expects after the period of apprenticeship. What is the reward?

After five years or more of faithful service in the business of the master, he is ready to start out on his own. The customary thing is that the master will split a part of his business for the young man.

Typically, he will . . .

  • hire a shop or office space for him
  • stock the shop and
  • generally set him up to run his own business

In summary, the Igbo man who chooses business at the expense of a higher education graduates prepared to be self-employed. He does not go searching for jobs because his training has taught him how to be his own boss.

In view of the tough labour market in Nigeria, many Ibo speaking youths are turning to trading as opposed to education. The authorities in the east are worried about the development and are churning out incentives to encourage young people to return to formal schools.

There are two categories of Ibo speaking people - the core Igbos in the east and the Ibos in the Niger delta area.

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The Igbos in the Niger Delta area of Nigeria are mostly in Delta state in areas like Agbor, Asaba, Oshimili, Ndokwa, and Oguashi.

My wife is from the Oguashi area of Delta state and speaks Ibo pretty well even though she was born and bred in Lagos Nigeria.

That is another thing you should love the Igbo people for . . . they love their language and speak it with passion just like the Yorubas of the western part of Nigeria.

Know something about the Igbo people you will like to share? Do you know their history? Or their culture? Or any of significance about them?

Use the form below to add the information or your personal views to this page. Please include original information by you. Do not copy from somewhere else.

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