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I Want To Become A Salesman For Kia Motors - What Is The Procedure?

by Deji

I Want To Become A Salesman For Kia Motors but I don't know the procedure.

I am a lover of Kia motors. I love the simplicity of design and the fact that it targets the low to medium income earners in Nigeria. I can say I am a kia automobile enthusiast.

But the problem is that Dana motors who is a major dealer of the kia automobile range in Nigeria is not responding to my email.

I sent an email to Dana motors sometime ago through their web site enquiring about how to become a salesman with them. But no reply.

So, if you are already a salesman with Kia or you work with a Kia dealer, I will be glad to learn what it takes to become a salesman of kia motors.

I need help here.

Is there someone out there who can provide some insight into how to become a salesman with Kia motors?

Then please come to my assistance.

Simply post a comment to this request and I will get an automated message in my email box.

I am really excited about becoming a kia automobile salesman. So you will be doing me a great favour by listing the steps.

Thanks a million.


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