I Dont Want To Pay By Western Union

I dont want to pay by Western Union.

One potential customer told us that.

No doubt you have your concerns about paying for anything by Western Union especially if it's for a service in Lagos Nigeria.

Often the reason is because fraudsters use Western Union to collect money from unsuspecting victims. And many of these fraudsters have been labeled as coming from Nigeria.

Fraudsters prefer the Western Union payment option because once they've collected your money, there's no way you can get the money back.

Fortunately, we are not into fraud or scam.

However, we require payment for our real estate mobilization fee through Western Union because the fee is non-refundable.

The fee is =N=2000 (about $16 USD) and is actually to get the buyer's commitment to the transaction.

We are committed to finding our clients the homes they desire. Unfortunately, not every customer that comes to us is ready to make a purchase yet. The requirement of a fee helps us separate these ones from the serious buyers.

How else can you pay us?

You can pay us by bank wire transfer to our corporate account.

However, if you're transfering just $16 USD, the bank charges may even exceed the amount you're sending. That is why bank wire transfer is not suitable for small payments.

If you wish to pay the real estate mobilization fee by bank wire transfer, contact us for our account details.

Paying For Property For Sale

Payment is made to the property owner. You only pay us our commission.

If you don't have an account in Lagos or Nigeria, you can send the money to the seller through us.

Can you trust us?


No business grows by scamming its customers. Soon the word spreads and the business collapses.

We at ZyProperties are in for the long haul. Consequently, we take care of our customers and any funds they send.

See our trust policy.

If you send property funds through us, we do the following for you:

1. We engage the services of a lawyer who verifyies the ownership of the property and the accompanying documents. He also prepares the agreement between the seller and the buyer (you).

We pay the lawyer from the funds you send.

2. We pay the property owner

3. We pay ourselves the commission due us

4. We send you the documents wherever you may be in the world

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