I Dont Have An Account In Nigeria

I dont have an account in Nigeria or Lagos. How do I pay for the property I want to buy?

Many Nigerians living outside Nigeria don't have an account in Nigeria. This is often the case if they were born and bred overseas or have stayed a decade or more overseas.

Even if you had an account in Nigeria before you traveled out, that account would be dormant by now since you've most likely never used it after you traveled abroad.

So, how do you pay for a property you want to buy in Nigeria?

You pay through us.

You send the money to our domiciliary account (dollar account) through a bank wire transfer.

We do the following with your money when it arrives:

1. We engage the services of a lawyer who verifies the ownership of the property and the accompanying documents. He also prepares the agreement between the seller and the buyer (you).

We pay the lawyer from the funds you send.

2. We pay the property owner

3. We pay ourselves the commission due us

4. We send you the documents wherever you may be in the world

Hey, wait.

Can you trust us with that huge amount of money?

Yes, you can.

Read our trust policy.

If you don't know who we are, read about us.

We are in business to serve our customers. If we scam our customers or run away with our customers' money, soon the word will spread online and offline. And quickly we will be branded as thieves and fraudsters.

Then we won't have anymore customers. And the business will collapse.

Bottom line.

Scammers are successful in the short-term. Scammers don't get far.

We want a long-term business. And the only way to have a long-term business is to satisfy your customers.

Consequently, we operate TWO policies . . .

1. Honesty

2. Customer satisfaction

Honesty and customer satisfaction results in repeat business. And satisfied customers tell others and the business grows.

So, can you trust us we your money?

YES . . . absolutely.

Ready to buy the home of your dreams?

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