Husband Wants To Sell His House But His Wife Is Strongly Opposed. What Should He Do?

by chidinma

A man has a property worth at least 25 million Naira in Lagos Nigeria. He is retired and financially challenged. He wants to sell the house and buy something cheaper. The property is in a strategic location and on a tarred road, something worth keeping. But he needs money!

So, he plans to sell the house and buy something not so expensive so he can invest the difference on himself and his family, perhaps start a business.

Unfortunately, the wife is strongly opposed to the sale of the house. So, she embarrasses any potential buyer that comes along. She likes the choice location. But she's a teacher with little to contribute financially to the family. What should this man do?

Reply By Samson, True Love Advisor

This man should find a way to persuade his wife to understand the financial challenge the family is currently facing.

If they continue to live in the beautiful house and they can't pay their daily bills, what value is that to them.

Women can be emotionally attached to a house. So getting them to agree to the sale, especially when they have lived several years in the apartment, can be a challenge.

Nevertheless, in view of the current family financial situation, the husband should explore all peaceful option available to him to persuade the wife to understand.

The truth is . . . as long as the woman keep embarassing potential buyers who come to inspect the house, it will be difficult for the husband to complete the sale.

The husband should help her appreciate that they are in this together. Perhaps even promise to setup a business for her with part of the money.

Chances are, if she knows she will benefit personally (or financially) from the sale, she may become more favourably dispose to the sale.

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Dec 05, 2010
by: Anonymousokey

i advise that the maan should use the house to borrow money ,after much wil pay back and have his house back.borrow money with an to pay an interest rather than to just sell the house off

Nov 29, 2010
My response
by: Tolu Bisade-Phillips

I strongly support the comments of Mr.Sam Itoje.
Let the man persuade the wife prayerfully and she will agree. The man must do it with a positive attitude and they will have result. Although there may be reasons for the resistance? It is not a big deal anyway. If you don't mind, I can mediate in the management of the matter by discussing with the two of them. Get in touch with me, what are we doing online if homes are having such issues and we cant help one another? It is well in Jesus Name, Reverend Toluwalope Bisade-Phillips.

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