How To Handle Customer Complaints Lagos Nigeria

by Samson Itoje

How To Handle Customer Complaints Lagos Nigeria

How To Handle Customer Complaints Lagos Nigeria

How To handle Customer Complaints Lagos Nigeria:

Handling customer complaints promptly should be the policy of your business whether you do business in Lagos Nigeria or anywhere else in Nigeria.

In fact, your business should have a standard operating procedure (SOP) for dealing with customer complaints. And everyone working with your business should have a clear understanding of how the customer complaint resolution process works.

Why is handling customer complaints immediately they arise important?

The reason is pretty obvious: Satisfied customers return again and again to do business with you.

What about dissatisfied customers?

1) They will stop buying from you

2) They will discourage anyone they know who want to buy from you and

3) Many will go online to popular review sites (as well as popular social media sites) to spread bad news about you and you business

So, if you're a business owner in Lagos Nigeria (or anywhere else in Nigeria), how to handle customer complaints should be built into your business documentation and taught to every employee during their induction period.

In addition, your customer service team who deal directly with customers must be given appropriate customer service training focused on how to handle customer complaints effectively.

Remember . . . satisfied customers become loyalty customers who buy from you again and again.

Therefore handling customer complaints promptly and to the satisfaction of your customers means more money for you.

Improving Customer Service Quality

The first step to improving customer service quality is to keep record of every customer complaint your business receives.

In fact, if you're serious about improving the quality of customer service your customers receive, you need to be proactive.

Don't wait for your customers to complain about the quality of your products or your after sales service. Instead, ask them to rate their customer service experience every time they buy from you.

Why is this important?

The reason is this . . . not everyone dissatisfied customer will register a complaint.

Many people don't like drama in their lives. So, they won't send in a complaint, written or verbal, about how dissatisfied they are with the customer service standards at your business.

Guess what.

They will just switch to your competitor without saying a word.

In view of this, how do you get people to share their customer service experience at your business when most are not ready to speak out voluntarily?

Simple. Ask them.

Ask every customer who buys from your business or company to rate their experience and send in a short note about what they were happy or dissatisfied about.

How To Handle Customer Complaint: Automate Customer Feedback With A Customer Review Software

A good number of well-run businesses have some form of customer feedback system where they leave customer feedback cards lying around for customers to fill and submit to the front-desk officer or customer service department.

Unfortunately, very few people use those customer feedback (or survey) forms.

In addition, there is no guarantee that people in customer service will submit very negative reviews to top management.

Yes, they don't want to lose their jobs!


What if you business, company or organisation could have a digital customer review system directly in the phone of your customers?

What if you could have a customer review system that is personal (with nobody standing over their shoulder while they write) and with the data they submitted sent directly into a customer service database (so your customer service people cannot tamper with the customer complaint sent)?

Of course, that would be wonderful!

Guess what.

This is the kind of customer review software that we offer at Erimama Investment Company Limited, Lagos Nigeria.

Our automated customer feedback system empowers your business to . . .

1) Provide a private customer review system to your customers directly on their phones

2) Get more genuine feedback about the quality of your service from your customers since the feedback process is stress-free

3) Store customer details (name, email and phone number) in a customer database dedicated to your business (so you can sell to them again)

4) Store all customer feedback (good and bad) in a database for you (or your customer service manager) to review and

5) Proactively fix any customer complaints raised so they don't escalate and cause serious damage to your brand

Remember . . . handling customer complaints promptly (and to the satisfaction of your customers) will make you more money.

My advice?

Automate your customer feedback process by deploying the Erimama Customer Review Software for you business.

Click HERE for a FREE DEMO of the Erimama Customer Review Software.

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