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How To Deal With Landlords In Lagos Nigeria

Landlords or property owners in Lagos Nigeria want two things from tenants:

1. They want tenants who take proper care of their house and

2. A tenant who pays his rent promptly

If you are not this kind of tenant, you will have problems with your landlord.

Another thing to remember is that the landlord is the boss. He is the owner of the property and so he makes the rules.

Therefore, if you wish to occupy a property and stay long and happily in it, then respect the landlord.

You don't need to serve him. You simply need to acknowledge that he is in charge and respect his possible as the owner.

If you break any of the two rules above or are arrogant and disrespectful to your landlord, you're sure going to have problems with him.

Think about it.

If you are a landlord, how would you want your tenants to treat you? With respect or despicably?

Sure, some landlords are over-demanding and irritable. But, hey, if you want peace for the duration you wish to live in the apartment, then you need to find a creative way to manage the landlord so that you do not have incessant conflict with him.

Some landlords are just terrible. But watch your words and your actions. They could make an already bad situation worse.

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Jul 25, 2010
by: Anonymous

Hi,i agree with your write up,that is exactly what i am going through,i pay my rent promptly and any other bill but my Landlord has given a quit notice to vacate his property and the expiration of my rent come November 31st 2010.

I am willing to leave because i am not owing him neither have i wronged him,he stated in the purported notice that i don`t respect him and also keep my left over fuel for my generator in the compound,this issue has been settled,yet he is basing the quit notice on it.This man is an Igbo man and wants to quit me so that he can rent his house out for another two years.I pay $300,000 at the moment,i will challenge him in Court if he fails to give me a reasonable time to put myself and family together to get a better apartment and God help otherwise i will end up staying in that house for at least 10years.

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