How To Create A Blog With WordPress In Nigeria – Practical WordPress Blog Training

Want to learn how to create a blog with WordPress?

Do you live in Lagos Nigeria or anywhere else in Nigeria?

Then you should attend the practical blog training organized by Erimama Investment Company Ltd.

The goal of this blog training is to teach Nigeria residents a simple and effective approach that will help them create their own blog themselves without hiring the services of an expensive web site development professional or webmaster.

This How To Create A Blog Workshop gives everyone in Nigeria an opportunity to own a WordPress blog of their own.

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Build A Community And Turn That Community Into A Business!

Erimama Investment Company Ltd is inviting you to invest your time into learning how to create a blog . . . a business or hobby blog around a subject, hobby, product, or service you love or promote.

Why is that important? And why should you care?

Simple reason: A blog = business + social community = Raw Cash

Let me explain.

how to create a blog lagos nigeria

When you build a blog around a subject, product or service you love, people interested in that subject area, product or service will be attracted to your blog. These people who visit your blog are called blog visitors.

If the visitors to your blog find your blog interesting and enlightening, they will tell their friends about it and even share it with their friends in Facebook, Twitter, and other online forums where people converge in large numbers.

Within a couple of months, you may discover that you're beginning to have a long list of loyal followers who depend on you for accurate information on the subject area your blog covers.

Yes, you're the leader and mentor of this growing community!

Yes, your weblog or blog is becoming another Facebook in the making!

So, how do you make money from this blog?

You can . . .

  • Open your blog to pay per click ads like Google Adsense ads
  • Sell your own products on the site (yes, your fans will patronize you if you sell worthy products)
  • Sell your own services through the site and
  • Sell products or services produced by others as an affiliate

    Bottom line.

    Hundreds of Blog visitors per day = plenty of cash

    The more visitors you have to your business or hobby blog, the more money you make.

    Guess what.

    Your blog is on the internet and you can work on your blog at any time of the day.

    This means you're not tied to a schedule and you're not tied to a geographical location.

    You can carry your blog (and your online business with you) wherever you go.

    For example, if you're currently working in, say, Lagos but you're then transferred to Abuja or Port Harcourt, you simply travel with your business . . . on your computer.

    Oh, yes. You don't even need a computer to travel with your blog.

    If you don't own a computer, simply enter an Internet cafe anywhere you are in Nigeria (or the world) and you can access your blog any time of the day.

    That is the power of having an online business!

    You know what?

    This how to create a blog training organized by Erimama Investment Company Ltd will teach you exactly how to create a blog and market that blog to generate income for yourself part-time or full-time.

    Blog Training Date And Time

    Our "How To Create A Blog Workshop" teaches participants how to create a popular blog using one of the most popular blog creation software today.

    The blog creation software we teach participants to use is called WordPress (abbreviated WP Blog).

    The next WordPress blog training will hold as follows:

    Date: Choose a date

    Time: 9am - 3pm

    Workshop Fee: 15,000 Naira only

    Hurry! Grab A Seat Now!

    We have limited seats for this WordPress Blog Training.

    Therefore, we advise you to reserve a seat right away by filling the simple registration form below.

    All participants of this training will receive:

  • One free domain name (your unique blog address on the worldwide web)
  • Free one-year web hosting to host your blog and
  • Practical training by our in-house experts to start your own blog

    Hurry! Grab a seat NOW!

    Simply fill the form below to book a seat.

    P.S: Want a blog or website but don't want the stress of learning how to build one? No problem. Simply order our website design service and we will build your blog or web site for you.

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