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How to become a real estate agent in Lagos Nigeria – One of the frequently asked questions by visitors to this Lagos Nigeria real estate website relates to how to become a real estate agent.

This page has been created to answer that question.

Follow the simple steps below to become a successful real estate agent.

1. Attend the Basic Real Estate Practitioners Course organized by the Lagos Nigeria real estate school

2. Join the Association of Property Investment And Commission Agents of Nigeria (APICON)

3. Attend APICON meetings (usually bi-monthly) to meet other real estate agents in your area and build your network of agents to work with to enable you easily satisfy customer requirements

4. Print your business card so you can easily share your business with potential clients and establish your brand

5. Liaise with property owners in your area to create your own portfolio of properties

6. Advertise the properties in your portfolio in offline property magazines. Also advertise properties in your portfolio on this real estate website

7. Attend the Advanced Real Estate Practitioners Course organized by the Lagos Nigeria


real estate school and learn how to use the internet to grow your customer base and your profits

8. Launch your business

The above are the seven simple steps on how to become a real estate agent in Nigeria.

Click HERE to learn about the real estate school.

Real Estate Agent Success Or Failure - Choose!

Here's the truth.

There is money in Nigeria real estate business if you do it right. That is why thousands of people have jumped into the real estate business in Nigeria.

For example, a friend sold a property for 25 million Naira in Ogba and collected a commission of 1.25 million Naira from that one transaction.

Another friend sold a 5 bedroom duplex in Magodo Isheri Lagos Nigeria for 45 million Naira and collected 2.25 million Naira as commission from that one transaction.

Get the point?

Real estate is big business. And commission payouts can be staggering especially when you sell expensive houses like the kind of houses in Ikoyi Lagos Nigeria going for 500 million Naira or 2 billion Naira per property.

So, if you're still thinking of how to become a real estate agent in Nigeria, this is the time to take action and attend the real estate school.

Here's one important thing to know about becoming a real estate agent.

Many real estate businesses in Nigeria don't make money even though there is big money to be made from starting and running a real estate business.

In simple words . . . thousands of real estate agents are poor even though there is plenty of money to be made from real estate.


It boils down to the business strategy they adopt for their real estate business.

Wait. Is business failure peculiar to real estate agents?

Of course, not.

Over 70 percent of businesses fail within the first 1-5 years. And it doesn't matter what kind of business it is.

Why do new businesses have that high failure rate?

Simple reason . . . running a business is tough. Succeeding with a business requires some level of creativity, innovation, and the right business foundation that equips the individual with the right skill-set to succeed.

So, do you want to be a successful real estate agent? Do you want to be the boss and start your very own real estate business?

Then attend the Real Estate School.

Take the basic real estate practitioners course and become a real estate agent.

Click HERE to learn more.

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