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How Malaria Almost Killed Me In Lagos Nigeria. Lessons For You.

by segun

malaria attack lagos nigeria how malaria almost killed me

malaria attack lagos nigeria how malaria almost killed me

How Malaria Almost Killed Me In Lagos Nigeria And Lessons For You:

A couple of months ago I had a terrible ordeal with malaria.

Put bluntly, I barely escaped the terrible merciless jaws of malaria. In fact, I thought death was knocking and was already bidding my wife farewell.

Let me start from the very beginning.

I have always had a problem with malaria disease. Once I get a few mosquito bites, I come down with the malaria disease.

In fact, years ago when I was much younger (about 18 years old), I was treating malaria virtually every month.

I was a regular customer at the University teaching hospital. Once I step into the doctor's office, he will say something like this, "Segun, you're back again. What is it this time?"

Well, it was always the same symptoms.

  • Headache
  • Internal heat
  • Tiredness/body weakness and
  • sometimes cold

    My vital signs will be taken and then I will be told I have the malaria parasite, plasmodium, in my blood.

    The solution?

    I will either be given Nivaquine or Chloroquine tabs (those were days when Chloroquine and Nivaquine were still being used for treating malaria in Nigeria).

    At other times the test will reveal there is no malaria parasite in my blood. But based on my complaints, the doctor will still prescribe Chloroquine or Nivaquine.

    Bottom line.

    The treatment back then was either Chloroquine or Nivaquine whether malaria parasite was found in my blood or not.

    After awhile, neither of these medications had the same effect they use to have. That is, the malaria parasite became resistant to them.

    Consequently, the malaria attack rate increased from once in six weeks to once every 3 weeks.

    When a new doctor took over my case, she was concerned that I was always down with malaria every 3 weeks. So she requested that a PCV test be done. And so it was.

    My PCV level was 35 percent.

    She said that could be the problem because, in her words, a man's minimum PCV level should be in the range of 40 percent.

    So she prescribed some medication to improve my blood level.

    I was so happy that someone can finally fix this monthly visit to the doctor's office.

    Sure, my blood level improved but I was back in the doctor's office in four weeks.

    That was heartbreaking!

    The Jaw Breaking Malaria Attack!

    Fast forward to a couple of months back.

    I was down with the malaria symptoms again.

    I had . . .

  • Cold
  • Weakness of body joints
  • Overall tiredness

    . . . and inability to concentrate on my work because of the symptoms listed above.

    In simple words . . . I was losing serious man-hours of work due to this illness.

    My work was suffering! And so was my income generating potential!

    I bought one of the popular anti-malaria combination therapy (ACT) recommended for treating malaria attack.

    I used the entire pack as recommended and over a three-day period.

    I was relieved to see the tiredness and general body weakness gone after I completed the dose.

    But low and behold, that was just the beginning.

    Two days after I completed the malaria dose, I was hit by a sharp 'cutting pain' all the way from my chest to my back.

    Each time I try to move or stand up, it was as if a sharp knife was being used to slice through my entire chest and heart region.

    The truth is . . . I can't find the right words to describe the pain that tore through my body.

    I was scared. And y wife was scared too.


    Simple reason . . . nothing stops me from work. But when this deafening pain started, I could not do an once of work for two days.

    I couldn't sit still, stand up with pride, or lie down without groaning.

    In fact, any movement at all was a nightmare.

    My wife spoke with my family doctor on the phone and he called some big names I can't now remember followed by some recommendations/prescription.

    However, when my wife visited the pharmacist nearby to buy the drugs, he emphatically said the pains were caused by simple cold.

    He said the cold had penetrated the body system and taken over the entire body. Then he prescribed Ciprotab.

    Well, to say the least, I didn't believe the sharp tearing pain was caused by simple cold. I was almost certain that one of the body organs had failed.

    But with faith, I took the medication.

    I didn't see any difference in my situation by the end of the day. So, I concluded we should visit a private hospital the next day.

    By the following morning I felt there was some measure of relief because the pain had subsided. I could move now with less pain.

    Therefore, I decided we should give it one more day.

    True to my faith, the pain completely disappeared the following day. And I continued to use the Ciprotab medication until the 5-day period prescribed was completed.

    It was a wonderful relief to see none of my organs had failed and that it was just simple cold that caused me so much trauma.

    The Lesson From My Malaria Episode

    About two months latter a family member had the same type of pain after a night that was extremely cold.

    Unfortunately, it was a Sunday morning and no pharmacy shop was open.

    She was groaning in pains as the 'pain emotion' tore through her body.

    What to do?

    Well, we found a shop nearby that sold Aboniki Balm . . . a locally made menthol-based 'hot ointment' (or hot rob) that claims to relieve . . .

  • body pains
  • muscles pain
  • waist ache
  • back ache and
  • dislocations

    The patient's chest area (front and back) was robbed with this ointment and she was told to lay back and rest.

    After about an hour and half, she was able to move about with the pain almost gone.

    A couple of hours later, the hot ointment was applied again.

    Guess what.

    The pain completely disappeared without using any drugs.

    So, what was the cause of the life-threatening pain in the first place?

    Extreme cold.

    My advice?

    Don't underestimate the simple cold!

    So, if you have the symptoms of malaria, it may actually be that you are suffering from malaria, typhoid, or just the simple cold.

    Whatever the case, treat the situation on time. Otherwise, you may not live to regret it.

    I wish you good health and a happy family life.

    Believe me, health is wealth.

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    Aug 21, 2011
    Thanks for this post!
    by: Anonymous

    Thanks Segun for sharing this information.

    Most people fail to recognize the devastating power of what is called the "simple cold".

    There is nothing simple about having a cold.

    A cold, when left untreated, can kill you!

    Thanks again Segun for sharing your ordeal.

    Let those with ears listen.

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