How Do I Know The Property Is Genuine?

I want to buy a property in Lagos Nigeria. How do I know the property is genuine?

This is the commonest question on the minds and lips of buyers. And it's a genuine concern because if you purchase a property that is not genuine, you lose your hard-earned money.

So, how do you know a property is genuine?

A property for sale is genuine if . . .

1. The documents conferring title on the owner are complete

2. The person selling is the person who has title to the property

We deal only in genuine property and want our clients to get value for money spent.

Consequently, when purchasing a property, we verify . . .

1. The ownership of the property. And we deal directly with the person who owns the title to the property.

2. That the documents are genuine. If the documents are genuine, the documents will be registered with the government through it's representative.

Property Documents

The documents conferring ownership title on the owner includes . . .

1. A family receipt from the original owners of the property

2. A certificate of occupancy (C of O) from the government

3. A registered conveyance from the government with which a C of O can be processed

Other documents to watch out for include . . .

1. Approved building plan

2. An agreement between the current owner and previous owner if the property have changed hands

Legal Terminologies

Property documents, agreements, and title deeds often contain high-sounding tongue-twisting legal terminologies that are confusing to the unlearned . . . people who are not legally inclined.

Consequently, we employ the services of a lawyer for each and every transaction. This ensures that the transaction is legal and our clients' interests are protected.

As mentioned as above, we deal in only genuine properties. So, you need not worry when you use our real estate services.

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