House Windows Lagos Nigeria - Free Tips For House Window Design

House windows Lagos Nigeria - House window designs in Lagos Nigeria and virtually everywhere else in the country come in several formats. Some come cheap while others come expensive. The more expensive windows come in several exotic designs that tantalize the imagination.

What kind of home windows should you use for your Nigeria real estate? What window designs will fit nicely into your overall property structure and bring out the beauty?

Obviously, most people have a great taste when it comes to buying anything . . . be it clothes, lingerie, cars, real estate, furniture, computers, mobile phones - even windows.

But usually, the first consideration is your budget. So, why you may have a great taste, your choice of house windows may not reflect your taste because your budget is limited.

Nevertheless, even within your tight budget, you can still be creative with your window design. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

The common window designs in Lagos Nigeria are:

  • sliding transparent windows
  • Two or three leaved glass windows
  • Window louvres
  • Wooden windows
  • Windowless

    A windowless situation is one where residents create artificial windows. That is, in place of windows people use horizontal planks or rice bags to screen the window openings because they could not afford to buy windows. You may call this poor real estate but that is the reality of the financial crunch of the Nigerians who resort to this.

  • There are advantages to using sliding windows. They slide nicely when you want to open your house windows giving you a feeling of control and elegance. But they also have the disadvantage of limiting ventilation because they actually end up obstructing the free flow of air into your apartment.

    So, during your building construction, weigh your options carefully before making your choice.

    Some folks in Nigeria prefer using glass louvres for their window design because it opens completely. When you activate the lever controlling the window mechanism, all the louvres turn horizontally and completely . . . a full 90 degrees turn. This allows 100% flow of air into your apartment building.

    This may not be a great point with you if you're so rich that every bedroom in your apartment is air-conditioned . . . a situation that results in controlled flow of cool air into the rooms and results in immeasurable comfort to the occupants.

    But for the rest of us who cannot afford that luxury . . . and the energy to power it 24/7 with generators in a country where public electricity is virtually non-existent . . . we must design our windows with natural unrestricted ventilation in mind.

    So whatever home window design you choose, your number one goal should be to guarantee to reasonably practicable level the comfort for people who would eventually live in the apartment.

    That gesture can improve the perceived value of your Nigeria real estate in the eyes of potential tenants or buyers.

    Remember . . . simple thought things add great value in the long run.

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