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House plans Lagos Nigeria - A lot of Nigerians start building their homes without valid house plans. Many home owners simply call a brick layer or mason, describe how they want the house, and then commission him to start building . . . even without a documented building plan.

For those who understand the value of a building plan, they opt to contract a draftsman instead of a licensed architect for their building plan. And immediately the draftsman complete the drawings they start building. Many don't bother to submit the building plan to the town planning authority to get approval before building construction.

The end result?

You find many Nigeria real estate homes, even those with building plans, marked red by the Lagos state government for lack of compliance to the building code.

If the Lagos state government were to embark on mass demolition of buildings that do not comply with the Lagos state building code, majority of buildings, especially in the mainland areas of Lagos, will go down. The tears and pain will be just too much to bear.

When you're ready to build your own home,  please do it right. Engage the services of an architect even though it cost a bit more than what draftsmen charge.

A licensed and experienced architect knows the Lagos building code pretty well. And so, he will comply with this when designing your home.

There is another advantage associated with using a licensed architect.

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With a licensed architect you increase your chances of getting approval faster when your house plan comes up for review and approval at the offices of the town planning authority. That means less waiting and less hassles for you.

So, how would you like to do this?

Do you want to build a big house  - or even a small house  - today in a hurry and then see it demolished someday because you do not have approved building plan, when a radical governor ascends the government office?

Or would you rather follow the right defined and legal process and get an approved building plan that secures your Nigeria real estate?

The choice is yours to make.

My advice?

It is always better to play by the rules. The truth is always the truth . . . even a thousand years from today.

So, do it right. Engage the services of a licensed architect in Lagos Nigeria. And build a home you can be truly proud of.

P.S: Want a building plan for your next house? Click HERE to get bungalow floor plans.

Alternatively, Click HERE to get duplex house plans.

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