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A house plan is a structural diagram that allocates space to different sections of a home. So you have sitting room, dinning, bedroom, toilet and so on.

The space allocated to each named section in the house plan is determined by the land mass and the taste of the home owner. The home owner will foot the bill of the project. So he decides what the space allocation will be.

A home plan can be either simple or elaborate.

An elaborate home plan requires big cash to execute whereas a simpler plan will cost less to build.

So what plan should you use? How do you reach that decision?

Everything revolves around how much money you have to spend on your building project. If you have the
cash, get something elegant and cozy. But if you have limited budget, then keep it simple.

Everything depends on the size of your pocket. Evaluate how much you have. Then design a house plan
that your budget can accommodate.

For example, you could build a boys quarters (BQ) with toilet, kitchen, and bathroom just as you have for a
flat. The only constraint here is that a boys quarter in most cases have . . .

  • Just one bedroom
  • One toilet
  • One bathroom
  • A small kitchen

The bathroom and toilet in a BQ is often built together. That is, two in one.

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If you have some more capital and can accommodate a slightly higher budget, you could go for a two or three
bedroom flat. If your budget is substantial, a duplex may be an enticing option.

The bottom line is . . . check the size of your pocket. And choose a house plan Lagos Nigeria that suites
your pocket.

Don't choose a home plan Lagos Nigeria simply because others are using the plan. Choose the home plan you can afford . . . a house you can start and finish in record time.

This is the smart thing to do if you wish to finish your home on time and escape the menace of Lagos Nigeria landlords.

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