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Homes for sale Lagos Nigeria - Houses for sale are abundant in Lagos Nigeria. Whatever it is you desire, they are available for sale.

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For example, big houses and small houses are on sale. Luxury apartments, duplexes, and townhouses are also on sale. Block of flats and bungalows are just as available for purchase as any other category of real estate.

Irrespective of what kind of apartment you desire, they are available for sale.

One question that clients often as when they come for home inspection with regards to homes for sale is, "why is the owner selling?"

That is the natural question any sane buyer will ask especially if the property is exotic and has no visible sign of wear and tear of signs of failure.

The reason why Nigeria real estate owners sell their homes is as diverse as the home owners involved. Sometimes people sell because . . .

  • they need money urgently to address a financial need in the family
  • they have mismanaged their finances and the property is an asset they a quickly dispose of to get back on their feet
  • they took a loan to buy the property and can no longer meet the loan repayment demands or
  • they want to divest from real estate and invest in some other venture

Whatever the reason why the home owner is selling, he has decided to sell and you're the lucky buyer . . . that is if you are ready to cough out the

amount required to buy the property.

Some homes for sale will need extensive renovation after you buy them. Some won't. Those that don't are what real estate agents in Lagos refer to as "pay and pack in".

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In view of this, it is important that you think through your home buying decision before you make a commitment. The free home buying tips on this site help you make the right purchase decisions even if you're a first time home buyer.

Now, about budget.

Naturally, you should by a home or property you can afford. But suppose you find a Nigeria real estate for sale that is outside your budget but that seems
to meet you needs. What should you do.

You can either forget about it and search for other properties for sale or augment your savings with a mortgage loan. The later is an attractive option .  . .

  • when the loan facility is attractive and
  • when you are credit worthy to take a loan and have the financial capability to pay back

If, however, you're unable to get mortgage loan from the banks, you can pair up with a friend to buy your dream property and then split it.

For example, a friend bought a building comprising two wings of 4 bedroom duplex by pairing with a colleague in his office. Then they shared the building
one wing each. As at the time of this writing, he has been living in the building for some four years.

This kind of partnership can help you get a prettier house than what your budget alone can afford.

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