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Home school is not a common trend with parents in Lagos Nigeria. Most parents prefer to send their kids to a regular school where they can blend with other kids and learn the dynamics of life first hand.

That is not to say that home schools do not present some advantages to parents and students. It does and parents acknowledge that there are certain benefits with schooling at home.

The key benefits of schooling at home include:

  • Consistency of subject delivery
  • elimination of distraction
  • provision of the right ambience
  • commitment to student success by home tutor
  • avoidance of social corruption associated with mixing with the wrong company in school and
  • speedy progress due to small class size . . . just your child or children

    The benefits of schooling at home is laudable. But then you have to weigh this against the disadvantages. The key disadvantages of home school are . . .

  • inability of students schooling at home to develop their social skills because they don't have the opportunity to mix with a diverse school population
  • risk of students becoming straight-jacketed because of over-exposure to a controlled lifestyle and
  • risk of students having withdrawal symptoms when they have to face the real world later in life

    The arguments against schooling at home essentially revolves around the social impact of this system.

  • Besides the social impact this system have on kids, there is also the impact it has on the finances of parents who decide to go this route.

    Operating a school at home to care for the school needs of your kids is far more expensive than sending them to a regular school with functional teaching and reporting structures.

    In simple words . . . it is more expensive to employ teachers of various discipline to train your kids at home.

    Many Nigerians just don't have the financial capability to support this system. Hence, they opt for a formal school for their kids. And those who have the means, do not wish to go through the hassles of creating a system at home that is already in place in school.

    Nevertheless, there is a version of home schooling that is gaining ground in Nigeria. This is often referred to as private teacher or private lessons.

    In this case, parents employ private teachers who come to the home after school hours and help the kids out with their homework or school assignments.

    These private teachers also teach the kids stuff way beyond what they learn in school and thereby give these kids an edge over their classmates.

    It is customary too for these private home teachers to take the home students through the entire school curriculum to help them grasp the concepts better and ingrain it in their memory.

    This is the popular technique used in Lagos Nigeria and everywhere else in the country. And believe me, it works.

    How do you get private teachers for your kids?

    Consult the headmaster or school teachers in your children's school.

    People in the teaching professional have information about things of this nature and know the person who can do a good job with your kids.

    Nothing is too much to sacrifice for your kids.

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