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A home loan lender is in business to make money. Naturally, you should expect to pay interest on the home loan you are granted.

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The interest rate vary from one home loan lender Lagos Nigeria to another. And so does their terms and requirements.

Typically, lenders want to be able to cover all costs associated with issuing loans and also make a handsome profit on each transaction.

Add to that the inflation rate and your guess is as good as mine.

But don't draw conclusions without first investigating different Lagos Nigeria home loan providers and their interest rates. You should be able to find one that meets your needs.

A cooperative society loan has the big advantage of having a low interest rate and flexible terms. But then this also depends on the cooperative society in question.

A cooperative society is not formed essentially to give home loan. So you cannot call a cooperative society a home loan lender in the full sense of the word because that's not their main objective.

They grant loans for different purposes including loans for home building. So in that respect, they function as home lenders.

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Company Cooperative Societies - The Low Cost Home Loan Lender

If you work in a company that has a cooperative society, take advantage of the opportunity.

Join the society and start saving.

The advantage of saving money through a cooperative society is that the money is deducted from source. You don't even get to see the money.

My advice?

Take a large chunk of your salary and save it in your cooperative society account. Five to eight years down the road, you will have huge savings.

Then you're ready to get a cooperative society loan. At this point your cooperative society is going to serve as your home loan lender.

Company cooperative societies allow you to take a cooperative society loan equal to twice your savings. Having saved from five to eight years, a loan equal to twice your savings will be substantial.

Take the loan and start building.

You're on your way to being a proud landlord.

A regular home loan lender Lagos Nigeria charge high interest rate. But you can get the same loan for as low as 9% interest rate through a cooperative society.

Don't miss this great opportunity to own a home of your own.

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