Home Inspection – Avoid Mistakes. Buy Right With Good Property Inspection.

Pre-purchase home inspection saves you money big time. Unfortunately, not many people realize it.

Buyers generally think in terms of the money they will pay a home inspector without giving serious consideration to the importance of the value-adding services of an inspector.

Buyers are anxious to save money. They want to cut cost. And they think one way to do that is to avoid using an inspector.

This is disastrous.

The reason is this. Property inspection by an experienced property inspector makes your home or property purchase a profitable purchase.


Well, the real estate inspector comes to the job with one goal in mind . . . to make your purchase worth the money you pay for it. His job is not about aesthetics. It's about the total package starting with suitability for the intended purpose, then . . .

  • functionality
  • Safety concerns
  • wear and tear
  • Pricing

    . . . and more.

    It is obvious from the above that home inspection is serious business. It is meant to save you money and heartache. Hence, a typical real estate inspection is performed using a home inspection checklist.

  • This property inspection checklist is a detailed document that cover all the essential aspects that make a property worth paying for. And it is a guide every good property inspector cannot do without.

    Lagos Nigeria Property Inspection

    Property inspection is yet to be given full recognition by the Lagos Nigeria real estate market and the populace in general. People just don't understand the value of a real estate inspector yet.

    Property buyers source for funds and then go ahead and buy property without asking a professional to assess the property for worth, safety, and durability.

    Expectedly, this often leads to losses - immediate and long term. And the value of those losses far outweigh what the buyers would have paid to hire a property inspector.

    Thinking of buying a home or property?

    Do not hurry the decision. Don't just jump in and buy because you have the funds.

    Be professional about it. First do a home inspection through a qualified inspector. This will save you a whole lot of trouble. And you will get value for your money. Contact me to discuss your purchase.

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