Home Inspection Checklist Lagos Nigeria

A home inspection checklist enables a home inspector or property inspector do a thorough job. The chances of oversight or mistakes is reduced when a checklist is used.

A home inspection checklist is basically a document that lists all of the things that needs to be checked before giving a property a clean bill of health.

When a property passes the tests of quality, the client is advised to buy. The client is advised against purchasing the property if the property fails the inspector's tests.

Below is a basic checklist with the essentials of home inspection.

It must be noted, however, that it is not sufficient to simply have a checklist. The person using the home inspection checklist must be qualified to detect flaws in property. Otherwise, the job done will be amateurish.

Now for that checklist, see below.

Basic Home Inspection Checklist - Lagos Nigeria

Please analyze the property in question with the following criteria.

1. Location

  • Is the area prone to erosion?
  • Is the property at the foot of a hill?
  • Is there a sizeable water-log inside the property?

    2. Utilities

  • Is there regular water supply? Public water system is unreliable in Lagos Nigeria. Hence, there must be a functional borehole within the property
  • Is the electricity supply in the area fairly stable? Power supply is erratic in Lagos Nigeria. However, some areas still enjoy fairly stable power supply.
  • Does the neighborhood permit use of generators? You will need one because of the erratic power supply

    3. Safety and security

  • Is the area a den of robbers and jobless touts?
  • Are there cracks on the walls of the house?
  • Are there signs that the foundation is sinking?
  • Are the stairs safe to climb? Is there structural or design defects?
  • What is the condition of the roof? Will you need to change it soon?
  • Is the property fenced?

    4. Quality

  • Is the property suitable for the purpose intended? For example, is it suitable for use as a school, living quarters, or shopping plaza etc.
  • Functionality - what facilities does the house have?

    5. Accessibility

  • Is it a hilly area?
  • Are the roads motorable?
  • Can a car drive into the property premises?
  • Are the roads tarred?
  • Does a road lead to the property or you have to pass through someone else' property because the property in question is sandwiched between other properties?
  • 6. Pricing

  • Is the price within reach?
  • Can you afford it?
  • Is it outrageously high?

    7. Sewage

  • Does the property have a good sewage system?
  • How is waste managed?

    8. Neighbors

    What sort of neighbors are you likely to have? Are they friendly or troublesome people?

    9. Certificate of Occupancy (C of O)

    Does the property have a valid certificate of occupancy? If it does not have yet, does it qualify to have a certificate of occupancy?

    A certificate of occupancy is your deed of title to the land. If the land does not qualify for a C of O (e.g. because it's state land), there's little point in buying the land. You will only be buying into trouble.

    A word of caution.

    Do not rush through a home inspection checklist. Do not just tick the items on the home inspection checklist for the fun of it.

    Home inspection is serious business. It can make the difference between buying a property that you can pass to generations after you or losing out on something that's of most value to you.

    My advice?

    Use a trained engineer for your property inspections.

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