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Home improvement Lagos Nigeria - Most people build elaborate homes without any concrete building maintenance plan or home improvement strategy. That is a big risk because every house needs at least minimum maintenance to stay in top shape and command a high value.

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Obviously, you know that "a stitch in time saves nine". That is a common cliché that holds true in the case of building construction and home ownership.

Unfortunately, maintenance culture is not a prominent part of Nigeria culture.

Nigerians know how to build state of the art facilities. We love big houses and massive edifices. Some Nigerians build such magnificent buildings to show off or impress their colleagues, friends, associates, or people
in the community where they live.

They want to make a statement that they have arrived . . . a definitive statement of their level of wealth.

On the other hand, some others relish amazing structures because they love style and class. They pay attention to detail. They include every conceivable
style in the building design. They use elaborate house plans and the best of the best architects and craftsmen. They go to great length to get the very best hands to construct their house.

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Everyone feels good about his gigantic building irrespective of the reason for choosing the building design. But of greater concern is what happens to the
building a decade or two down the road.

For example . . .

  • what will be the cost of maintenance annually?
  • are there any special features that requires special attention?
  • what kind of home improvements would you need to make over time?
  • will you be staying in the building or letting it out?
  • if you're letting it out, what do you need to include in the lease agreement to ensure potential tenants are aware of the special needs of the house and their obligation?
  • what stuff does the real estate agent who manages the building on your behalf need to keep track of?
  • what other charges (e.g. service charge) do you need to include in your rental property profile to cater for the house improvement needs?

House improvement and building maintenance are things you must not take for granted if you want your Nigeria real estate to stay as beautiful and lovely as when you first built it even fifty years after.

Therefore, consistent real estate improvement must be top priority in your agenda.

There is a big advantage to doing this.

First, you will continue to enjoy your home and get the same feelings of excitement and fulfillment even decades after.

Second, when you do decide to divest and sell off your home using available homes for sale services, you will get maximum value for your investment.

Yes, a stitch in time saves nine. But it does more. It protects your investment and gives you prime value for your money.

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