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We provide home building plan for new home builders in Lagos Nigeria, Abuja Nigeria, Port Harcourt Nigeria and for customers all over Nigeria and beyond.

We are the custom home designers of choice in Nigeria.

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So, how do you want your dream home to look like? What features do you want embedded? Want a home simply out of this world?

We make dreams come true. We design home building plan to your taste and to fulfill your dearest dreams.

Simply tell us how you want your dream home to look like and we will turn your dream into reality.

What does it cost?

I can't tell you that because I don't know what sort of design you want for your dream home.

A straight regular design cost less to construct. A state-of-the-art custom design cost much more because it takes time to translate concept into hard copy.

However, be assured that whatever your dreams, our building plan designers will capture it on paper and in the most exciting of ways.

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What Sort of Design?

I guess you're wondering, "what sort of design?"

In reply I ask you, "What sort of home do you wish to build?"

A simple humble home is easy to craft. And that is what most low to medium income people living in Nigeria need because that is what they can afford in view of the hash economic realities prevalent in the country.

But, is your pocket sizable?

Do you have plenty of cash and a dream home to pursue?

Then a simple humble home is too humble for you. You need something that matches your taste and your pocket.

We're here for you . . . ready and waiting to make your dreams come true . . . whether you want a simple home design or a luxury building plan.

Click HERE to request bungalow floor plans.

Alternatively, Click HERE to get duplex house plans.

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