Home Building Cost Lagos Nigeria - Ways To Cut Building Cost And Stay On Budget

home building cost lagos nigeria africa

home building cost lagos nigeria africa

Your home building cost must be kept under strict surveillance if you plan to build and move in within the scheduled time.

Besides the fact that building materials are constantly on the rise, you also have to fight the temptation to add one or two features to the home as you build.

Adding new features to the home that were not part of the original plan can adversely affect your home building cost and hence, your budget. Each additional feature cost money no matter how small. And this can quickly add up to substantial amount of money.

Here are a few tips to help you stay on budget.

Tips To Cut Building Cost

1. Decide what your budget will be on the basis of the amount of money you have and your expected income

2. Decide on a building plan that matches the size of your pocket

3. Stick with the plan as you build

4. Search for lower-priced alternatives. For example, should you use expensive floor tiles in your sitting room or should you go for the less expensive rubber tiles?

5. Do not add features to the plan that are expensive to build

6. Phase the building project if your pocket cannot take the budget in one straight run. For example, you could start with a boys quarter if you do not have the funds to start and complete a two-bedroom apartment.

7. Do not go for what is in vogue if your budget cannot accommodate it. You will unnecessarily increase your home building cost.

8. Be wary of recommendations by contractors. Weigh their recommendations against the cost and available alternatives. Some contractors tell you to buy a particular brand because it's in vogue or simply because your neighbor used the same brand.

You don't need to compete with your neighbor or show you have financial might when you don't. That's like living in gentile poverty.

9. Do what's best in your situation

10. Stick with your budget plan

Home Building Cost Lagos Nigeria

The cost to build a home in Lagos Nigeria is high but it's worthwhile. If you're yet to build a home, it's time to start planning for it.

Home building cost Lagos Nigeria is not likely to drop . . . not in the near future. So, don't put off building your own home.

Plan for it now. Save a part of your income monthly. Take any available loan with reasonable interest rate. And become a property owner in Lagos Nigeria.

Believe me, it's fulfilling . . . it's deeply satisfying . . . when you have a property of your own.

It's feels great to be a landlord!

P.S. Let's build your dream home for you. We are the Lagos Nigeria new home builder of choice.

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