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High school curriculum Lagos Nigeria - The private secondary schools curriculum is exactly the same as the public secondary schools curriculum in Lagos Nigeria and virtually everywhere else in Nigeria. And this is the official secondary school curriculum provided by the ministry of education.

Here's something important to note.

The high school curriculum (also called secondary school curriculum) provided by the ministry of education is pretty detailed. And it is broken down into subject areas to be covered week by week. This curriculum can be purchased at the ministry of education office in Alausa Ikeja Lagos Nigeria.

Nevertheless, even though the high school curriculum used by private secondary schools and public secondary schools are about the same, there is a world of difference between students who graduate from premium private schools and those from public schools.

What accounts for the difference?

1. Quality of teachers

2. Teaching facilities available

3. The School environment

4. Nature and quality of extra curricula activities

5. Dedicated teachers who happily teach the students because they are well paid

Consequently, students of premium private secondary schools turn out to be better performers in many fields.

They . . .

  • speak polished English
  • Are cultured and refined
  • receive about the same quality of education available overseas
  • perform better in external exams and
  • are easily absorbed into oversea universities because of the high standard of education they received while in secondary school

    No wonder parents of these children willingly pay those high school fees!

    All in all, the high school curriculum (or secondary school curriculum) implemented by public and private secondary schools in Lagos Nigeria is well laid out and thorough. And premium private secondary schools execute this high school curriculum flawlessly. Therefore they produce better educated students.

    However, there is a problem with the curriculum itself.

    The Problem With Secondary School Curriculum

    The secondary school curriculum does a good job of laying out the process of teaching young students all they need to know about secondary school science and art courses.

    However, the secondary school curriculum fails woefully in the area of wealth creation and money management.

    Bottom line.

    Students graduate from secondary school not knowing how to create wealth for themselves or how to generate money using the knowledge they have acquired.

    Yes, they make distinction in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English language, Fine Arts, Economics, Accounting, and other related subjects taught in public and private secondary schools. But how do these students convert that knowledge to money?

    Nobody . . . no teacher or principal . . . offers to teach them that because it's not in the high school curriculum.

    In simple words . . . these students are taught to become heavy spenders and not earners.

    Now, some may argue that these secondary school students are just 'children' not adults. So, it's okay for them to just spend and not earn.


    Well, think about this.

    When these children get into the University, does it get any better?

    Obviously, the answer is NO.

    Many University graduates have no idea how to turn the knowledge they acquired from their years of study in the University into money.

    Yes, they spend four or five years studying economics, mathematics, engineering, pharmacy, medicine etc But they were not taught how to convert that knowledge into money.

    What happens when they graduate?

    They troop into the labour market in search of white collar jobs.

    Five years of study in the university and a student have no idea how to make money on his own?

    That is pathetic!

    Bottom line.

    The University curriculum is just as lame as the high school curriculum because it does not directly empower students to become self sufficient by teaching them how to convert their wealth of knowledge into income.

    That is the very reason why Nigeria is filled with millions of graduates . . . smart young men and women . . . who have no idea how to become financially independent by converting their knowledge into cash.

    The high school curriculum failed them. And so did the University curriculum.

    Guess what.

    These are the same graduates who eventually turn to crime and become a menace to the communities they live.

    Private Secondary School Owners . . . You Can Help!

    Persuading the big wigs in the ministry of education and the white bearded professors in the Nigeria Universities Commission (NUC) to include practical courses that teach students to be self sufficient and financially empowered in the school curriculum is a herculean task.

    I can almost assure you that the bureaucracy in the education system will prevent that noble idea from seeing the light of day.

    However, if you're a private school owner (a private school proprietor or proprietress), you can do a lot to help your students become financially empowered.


    By introducing a supplementary course that teaches your students how to . . .

  • assess their potentials
  • determine who they really are . . . their passion, their love
  • understand the monetary power of their knowledge
  • convert that knowledge into income and
  • lighten the financial burden on their parents

    When you offer this kind of supplementary course to your students (an extension of the extra curricula activity concept in the high school curriculum), you will be preparing them to become financially independent adults.

    By offering this course, you will be reducing the number of unemployed graduates who are pissed off at society and who eventually turn to crime.

    Bottom line.

    Your school will have a real and measurable impact on society. And your students will forever be thankful to you for going the extra mile.

    Distinguish Your School By Offering An International Program

    What course am I talking about?

    I am talking about the Sitesell Education program, "Building A Successful Business Using The Internet".

    This course is currently being offered in many accredited institutions in Canada, the United States of America, the U.K., Netherlands, Australia, and even here in Africa.

    Accredited institutions currently offering this course includes . . .

    1. The University of Arizona

    2. Algonquin College Ottawa Canada

    3. Baruch College (A part of the City University of New York)

    4. Lander Institute - Jerusalem Academic Center

    5. University of Alaska Anchorage

    6. Dawson College Montreal Canada

    7. Palomar College San Marcos California

    8. Tafe SA South Australia

    9. The Citadel - Military College of South Carolina

    10. Humber Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning

    11. Austin Community College

    12. Niagara College Canada

    13. Graceland University Iowa

    . . . and many more.

    This course is truly an international program. And you can distinguish your private secondary school from the rest out there by offering this enterpreneurial course to your students in SSS 2 & 3.

    When you do, you will not only distinguish your school, you will be adding real value to the lives of these young people.

    Yes, you will be tutoring them in entrepreneurial skills that will enable them generate income for life.

    That is financial empowerment at its best!

    Building A Successful Business Using The Internet - The Curriculum

    This course, "Building A Successful Business Using The Internet" offers a step-by-step process that enables anyone to turn his knowledge, passion, or experience into a content-based business or hobby website that attracts targeted leads or potential clients.

    Guess what.

    Your students, as young as they seem, know something about something. This course will enable them dig up that which they know (and are passionate about) and then convert it to income they can be proud of.

    Participants of this course will learn how to . . .

  • identify their love or passion - knowledge, experiences or interests that can be converted into a content website
  • Pre-sell through the content on their website
  • research the internet using a brainstorming software in order pull out keywords internet surfers in their target market use to search for that body of knowledge they know
  • draw up a site blueprint
  • develop the valuable preselling proposition (VPP) for their sites
  • design a site look and feel
  • write content that presell and attract targeted leads
  • submit site to search engines
  • promote their website in multiple ways
  • establish long-term business relationships with their fans
  • generate income from their website

    . . . and much more!

    Graduates of this course will leave the training with their own website built during the course of the instructor-led training.

    Click HERE to see the complete curriculum

    Video Games Versus Entrepreneurial Skills. Choose!

    Which do you prefer among the options below:

    1. Your students are on vacation and spend the entire vacation playing video games

    2. Your students are on vacation and spend their entire vacation mingling with friends

    3. Your students are on vacation and use the opportunity to learn entrepreneurial skills or build on the entrepreneurial skill they already learned while the school was in session. Yes, they have good times with friends but also devote some time to building a business of their own.

    Of course, option three makes more sense.

    My advice?

    Add the course, "Building A Successful Business Using The Internet" to the supplementary part of your high school curriculum.

    Yes, the secondary school curriculum for public and private secondary schools make room for extra curricula activities. This is one such activity.

    However, unlike most extra curricula activities, this particular course will teach your students how to deal with money issues. Therefore it prepares them for the Real World.

    Yes, millions of young Nigerians are jobless and frustrated even though they are graduates and know so much.

    Make a difference to the life of your students by offering them entrepreneurial training that enables them to start a home business of their own even as students.

    This will give them a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. And they will grow up as financially independent adults.


    How do you add this entrepreneurial course to your high school curriculum?


    Take the first step by filling the form below to indicate your interest.

    P.S: Private secondary schools are encouraged to add this international course to their high school curriculum because it will add real value to their students. Universities, Continuing education colleges, technical colleges, and polytechnics are also welcome to include this course in their curriculum. Simply fill the form below to indicate your interest.


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