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Hidden bathroom cameras Lagos Nigeria - The concept of installing bathroom cameras invoke a lot of emotions, sometimes even angry emotions. Some say it is moral if the camera is obvious but some others defer.

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Those who defer think it's an invasion of people's privacy to install CCTV cameras in the bathroom as bathroom cameras whether they are hidden bathroom cameras that expose the organs or visible cameras that only focus on the entrance or sink area of the bathroom.

As it is, CCTV cameras are not commonplace in Nigeria in regular apartments, not even for security monitoring purposes. So, you can rest assured that the possibility of having a CCTV camera in the bathroom in Lagos Nigeria is slim.

However, it is important to note here that why landlords may not be keen on installing CCTV cameras in the property, as hidden bathroom cameras or general security cameras, the same cannot be said of the tenants or individuals who occupy the apartment building.

The truth is . . . most landlords don't enter the apartment of the tenant once he has moved in. In fact, most tenants will not favour the landlord doing so
because it will be considered invasion of the tenant's privacy.

Consequently, the landlord may not know if any of the tenants living in his property has a hidden camera installed in the bathroom or anywhere else in his home. In any case, that is the tenant's cup of tea not that of the landlord.

Of course, the tenant occupying a property can decide to keep tabs of what happens in his apartment through CCTV monitoring.

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However, installing bathroom cameras in the bathroom is going a step too far.

Besides the fact that your wife will bath there (seeing your wife's privacy exposed is your problem), other people in the home also use the bathroom.

For example, your kids also use the bathroom. And so does family guests. None of these people will take it lightly if they discover you have been filming their privacy.

So, if you are concerned about keeping track of what happens in your home, be sure that the bathroom and toilet are excluded from your CCTV monitoring list.

There have been reports of schools that install hidden cameras in the bathroom and toilet sink areas to monitor use of bathroom facilities. The schools involved claim that installing the cameras allow them to catch students who either misuse the bathroom and toilet facilities or who engage in drugs or immoral sexual activities in the bathroom area.

Sounds like a laudable approach on the outside. But what do parents think?

If your school board is thinking of installing CCTV cameras in private areas like the bathroom and toilet, be sure to share this with the parents of your
students via the parents teachers association (PTA) meetings and hear their opinion on this.

Otherwise, when they eventually discover what the school has done, you may see a sharp drop in school population. And that could have adverse impart on the school returns and profitability.

Let me assure you that while the use of CCTV cameras in public and private areas seems like big concerns in the developed world, that is not the priority
of developing economies like Lagos Nigeria. People here are more concerned about how to make ends meet.

They are concerned about . . .

  • what to eat
  • where to live
  • what school their kids will attend
  • how to generate enough income to pay the high school fees
  • how to get money to build their own home and become a proud landlord and
  • how to prepare for retirement

The least thing on their mind is hidden bathroom cameras or CCTV cameras for security monitoring.

CCTV cameras are common in serviced estates in Lagos Nigeria not in regular apartment buildings built by low to medium income earners.

If you're concerned about the possibility of bathroom cameras being installed in the bathroom, simply ask the owner before you rent the apartment.

Most likely, you will find that Nigerians are still largely culturally and morally led. As such, that kind of madness has not reached this part of the world. At least not yet.

P.S: Setting up hidden bathroom cameras in the name of playing pranks is risky business. When users find out you have had a hidden bathroom camera focused on them all along, they will react in ways that could see you behind bars. Watch your actions! Actions have consequences!

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