Real Haunted Houses Lagos Nigeria - Free Tips To Win The War Against Wicked Spirits

Real haunted houses Lagos Nigeria - There are countless houses or Nigeria real estate where people report cases of oppression by ghosts, spirits of dead relatives, or wicked spirits in general whose goal is to dominate and destroy the residents of these houses. These are real haunted houses.

This section contains free tips to help you win the war against these ghosts and, indeed, wicked spirits of any sort who are determined to stop you from enjoying your home.

The truth is . . . oppression by wicked spirits is not new. Wicked spirits have had control over a lot of humans for centuries. These wicked spirits whose master is the Devil himself seek to "steal and destroy" as Jesus Christ stated in the holy scriptures. The wicked spirits want to . . .

  • discountenance you
  • make your life miserable
  • get you under their control and
  • use you to do evil to fellow humans

    The priority of these wicked spirits or demons is to destroy your happiness and those of your family, friends, and neighbours.

    Real haunted houses have these wicked spirits present. When the owner lets or sells these properties to potential tenants or buyers, the evil spirits that have had control of these homes may transfer the aggression from the original landlord or owner to the current owner.

    Some folks have reported extended periods of financial losses immediately they moved to a new apartment. In such cases . . .

  • the bread winner may lose his job or means of livelihood
  • the family may experience bouts of repeated illnesses - a family where the members hardly fell ill before and
  • a death may occur in the family

    The problems listed above are common occurrences in today's world and may have nothing to do with the new apartment you just rented or the new property you just bought. Nevertheless, there are certain cases that it seems obvious that the property owner has come under the attack of wicked spirits.

    For example, in some cases, people actually hear the wicked spirits speak. In other cases, the victim comes under attack at night or in their sleep. And they wake up sweating profusely. And this happens repeatedly.

    If you currently live in real haunted houses, you have nothing to worry about because you're about to be set free. Here's your ticket to freedom.

    First, here's what you shouldn't do.

    1. Do not seek help from a traditional medicine man, spiritualist or babalawo (as the Yorubas call them) because these spiritualists are the servants of the demons tormenting you

    2. Do not seek charm to protect yourself. That won't help. The person giving you the charm is in partnership with the Devil

    3. Do not abandon your house for the Devil. He did not create you and has no right to stop you from enjoying your life.

    Now, here's what you MUST do to secure freedom from oppression by the Devil and his demons.

    1. Destroy everything that connects you with the devil and his demons. This includes charm, prayer beads, 'Holy water' etc

    2. Stop attending the services of spiritualists. These people are under the influence of the devil whether they know it or not

    3. Contact Jehovah's Witnesses and start a weekly study of the Bible with them

    4. Attend Christian meetings organized by Jehovah's Witnesses weekly

    5. Apply what you learn and resist the devil and spiritism in every way

    6. Dedicate your life to the true God Jehovah and get baptized

    As you align more and more with Jehovah and his Holy spirit takes control of your life, the Devil and his demons who turned your otherwise peaceful home and real estate into a battlefield or real haunted houses - will flee from you. Then peace and tranquility will reign in your home.

    The bible says, "Oppose the devil and he will flee from you". That is your ticket to freedom.

    There is no need to weep anymore. Take sides with Jehovah and you will become a true success story. You will enjoy peace like the sand of the sea without number. This is the hereditary possession of servants of Jehovah . . . the only true God.

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