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“…. and they know they were naked; and they sewed fig leaves together and made themselves coverings.

And they heard the sound of the Lord God walking the garden in the cool of the day, and Adam and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the Lord God among the trees of the garden” Genesis 3:7-8. This is the biblical story of the fall of man.

The lesson from this biblical illustration is that man and woman discovered they were naked, and were ashamed to discover their own nudity, which they tried to sheathe from the Almighty, their creator. Today, reverse is the case, our woman walk almost naked exposing virtually all the sensitive and sensuous part of their body.

The way nudity has crept into our natural life is alarming and appalling that we begin to wonder if moral has a place in our daily lives again. Ladies in the corporate world now dress like whores in the red light zone. These fashion malaise cuts across ages and social status, even female teachers that are suppose to be role models; are not left out of this fashion craze. Churches are the worst hit by this bug. In many of the Pentecostal churches, and of recent some orthodox churches, a significant percentage of their members are skimpily dressed in clothes that expose their female anatomy, transparent clothing that expose the thighs, breast, belly and the waist. Sometimes you see them put on tight fitted skirts and body hugs that expose their body outline, such that one could hardly differentiate between a church service and a nude party.

In most churches, Ministers and Pastors conduct marriage rites for women that are skimpily dressed. These days, brides put on transparent wedding grown which could hardly cover their breast. Back in the day, churches have dress codes for intending couples; and deform from that path translate to an outright cancellation of the wedding by the church. However, the advent of western culture and statistical rise in the number of prosperity preaching Pastors and churches has changed all of that. Nigerian culture of decent dress has been thrown to the dogs. Different shades and styles of wedding gown are allowed into the churches; all in the name of looking attractive jettisoning the biblical teaching about how a woman dress to earn respect.

Asides the abuse of the wedding gown, most ladies attend church services dressed in trouser pants that expose their buttocks and in some cases their pubic hair and skimpy tops some come in miniskirt that are only long enough to cover the subject matter, while their exposed thighs are left at the judgment of the distracted male worshipers.

Ministers of God are no longer concerned about the dress ethics of their church members, an issue they consider trivial, instead, they are preoccupied with prosperity preaching and how to enrich their church finances through financial obligation placed on their naive members.

This trend has also affected the traditional African home hitherto known for its high esteem for moral and cultural values. Parents no longer bother about the dress sense of their children, since most parents especially mothers are not lift out of the craze. Charity they say; begins at home. Most kids imbibed this absurd fashion trend from the parents.

In the Universities and Polytechnics campuses, Ladies are vainly dressed in a way that suggests picnickers at the beach. They are dressed in dresses like: hot pants, micro miniskirt, skin tight trouser pants that showcase the luscious flesh of their behinds, outer necks that exposes their backs and barely cover their boobs. Boob exposure is regarded as a mode of fashion that has apparently come to stay. It is as a matter of fact spreading like a wild fire.

This dress mode is not an exclusive preserve of the rich and educated; but also rampant amongst the uneducated especially the Petty Traders and Artisans in the Nigerian society.

People that dress decently are subjected to ridicule by these daughters of Jezebel; they are either called uncivilized characters or old school teachers. Indecent dress is used to measure social status ‘happening babes’ now. For one to belong, you will have to go indecent in your dress sense.

Little wonder cases of rape, sexual harassment, violent attacks and disrespect for women are on the increase.

At this alarming stage, a bill bothering on indecent dress has been forwarded to the Senate by some concerned citizens for consideration. Though some Legislatures are strongly against it; citing the principles of fundamental human rights. Nigerians anxiously await the outcome.

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