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Attract Targeted Leads, Build Customer Lists, Track Redemptions And Get The Best Return On Your Marketing Spend

Giveaway Software Lagos Nigeria

We offer viral giveaway software for small, medium and big businesses in Lagos Nigeria.

What makes our giveaway app better than others available in the Nigeria software market?

Our giveaway app comes with a simple campaign dashboard that makes it easy for our clients to . . .

  • View a list of everyone who opted-into (or participated in) the promotional giveaway (including their name, email, phone number etc)
  • Track number of redemptions
  • Track the sales amount generated from the corporate giveaway campaign and
  • Get the best return on marketing and advertising spend

In simple words . . . our Lagos Nigeria giveaway software enables you to launch promotional giveaways and track the performance of those giveaways.

Yes, our giveaway app helps you use the power of viral giveaways to grow your business!

Your Business Is Not A Charity Organisation!

Every seasoned business person understand that contests and giveaways is a proven strategy to attract new clients. It is also a proven strategy to get existing customers coming back again and again to do business with you.

This is the reason why there are countless businesses offering all kinds of giveaway contests to attempt to grow their customer base.

In fact, radio and television programs are constantly offering a wide array of giveaway contests from Lagos businesses.

These free giveaway contests in Lagos Nigeria include . . .

  • Free air time giveaway
  • Free internet data giveaway
  • Free ticket giveaways
  • Free PC giveaways
  • Free laptop giveaways
  • Free holiday giveaways
  • Free vacation giveaways
  • Free Meal giveaway
  • Free gift card giveaways

. . . and all kinds of corporate giveaways.

In fact, there are no shortage of giveaway ideas from businesses in Lagos Nigeria. Just listen to the radio or television and you will understand what I mean.

Contest and Giveaway Marketing Software Lagos Nigeria

There seem to be some level of corporate contests and giveaway madness from all kinds of businesses in Lagos state Nigeria!

It is like, "every company is doing it, so let's do it too".

Or, "Our competitors are stealing customers away from us with their contests and giveaways. So, let's organise our own promotional giveaways too".

Guess what.

A substantial number of business owners offering contests and giveaways cannot tell you with any level of certainty how must their corporate giveaway programs are contributing to their profit.


Simple. They do not have any giveaway software for measuring that data.

Corporate Giveaways And Contests Lagos Nigeria

In fact, many businesses are losing substantial amount of money because of running contests and giveaways with no measurable data.

No wonder many businesses eventually abandon their corporate giveaway programs!

Remember . . . you are running a business NOT a charity.

Businesses run contests and giveaways as a way of growing their business NOT to lose money.

Consequently, you must use an effective giveaway marketing software to manage your contests and giveaway campaigns in order to get the best results.

Best Contest And Viral Giveaway Software - Acquire New Customers, Track Sales And Grow Your Business

The good news is . . .

Our company, Erimama Investment Company Limited, provide businesses with a contest and giveaway software that empowers them to . . .

  • Communicate with participants automatically
  • Run multiple contests and viral giveaway campaigns
  • Track redemptions from multiple campaigns automatically
  • Build a database with names, email address and phone numbers of participants
  • Track sales resulting from the business giveaways Real-Time
  • Measure the financial success of giveaway campaign and
  • Repeat again and again to maximise profit

Want to get the best return on your marketing investment?

Want to grow your business?

Promotional Giveaway Software Lagos Nigeria

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