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frsc - the federal road safety commission nigeria

FRSC stands for Federal Road Safety Commission. This is the Nigeria body charged with preventing and minimizing road traffic accidents in highways.

The FRSC was established in 1988 by a degree, which was later amended by the federal road safety commission act Cap 141 laws of the federal republic of Nigeria.

Since it's establishment, this commission has had visible and unmistakable impact on the lives of Nigerians and residents of Nigeria. As at the time of this writing, the road safety commission remains the most respected federal outfit in Nigeria.

Traffic offenders dread being caught by members of the FRSC because they are known for being incorruptible. When they issue you a ticket for a traffic offense, the ticket stays issued and you have to pay up to the appropriate account of the commission.

Members of the federal road safety commission also have a reputation for being disciplined. They do not use brute force as some other law enforcement agencies tend to do when they catch someone breaking the law.

The finesse with which the FRSC operates has earned the commission huge respect from the populace.

The federal road safety commission consist of uniformed and non-uniformed officers. The uniformed officers are regular marshals while the non-uniformed officers are special marshals.

Uniformed officers are employed by the commission and receive monthly salary. On the other hand, special marshals are men of proven integrity who volunteer their time and resources to serve their fatherland.

What is the difference between regular and special marshals?

There are two major differences:

1. Regular marshals are uniformed officers whereas special marshals are non-uniformed officers (special marshals have special propriety kits that distinguish them from other state and federal traffic officers)

2. Regular marshals are employees of the commission and receive salaries whereas special marshals do not receive salaries

frsc special marshal nigeria

Regular and special marshals have exactly the same responsibilities.

The special marshal guidelines issued in 2005 states the following regarding special marshals:

"Special Marshals in the discharge of duties are by provisions of section 4 and 5 of Cap 141 LFN (1990), empowered to arrest and prosecute erring motorists who violate road traffic rules and regulations entrenched in the Act and other road traffic laws".

The special marshal team of the FRSC are a team of accomplished individuals. And they bring their individual and collective expertise to road traffic management.

The slogan of the road safety commission is "safer roads fuller lives".

You as an individual can do a lot to make Nigerian roads safer. Simple stuff like . . .

  • obeying traffic lights
  • respect for other road users
  • respect for zebra crossing
  • refusal to drive against traffic even in periods of serious traffic jams
  • respect for speed limits
  • refusal to 'drink and drive'

    . . . and other simple stuff will greatly minimize accidents on our roads and help Nigerians live fuller lives.

    My advice?

    Obey traffic laws. They are for your own good.

    Support the "arrive alive" campaign championed by the federal road safety commission.

    Join the special marshal program and spare some time every week to help reduce the unnecessary deaths on Nigerian roads.

    Each day you will return home a satisfied man knowing you helped snatch a soul from the jaws of death.

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