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Freelance writing Nigeria - Samson Itoje consulting provides web content writing, script writing, autobiography writing (or biography writing), business writing and book writing services to individuals and organizations in Nigeria and the global community.

Our freelance writing services cover all disciplines and all spheres of life. Whatever it is you want to write, simply commission us to write it for you. We provide outsourced content for individuals and organizations.

Web Content Writing involves providing written information for a web site. We provide solid content for web sites. The CEO of Samson Itoje Consulting is Samson Itoje. He has three web sites that provide quality information to site visitors. He brings his web site development, web design, and web writing experience into play in developing web site content for clients.

The freelance writing of Samson Itoje Consulting provides web content writing that will endear your customers to you and make them visit again and again and buy again and again.

The Book writing and Script writing service is pretty self-explanation. With this service, we write your book for you. This means that if you have a book concept and you have not had the time to devote to writing the book, you need not worry. Just engage us to write the book for you.

Your book can be any kind of book. It could be a novel concept (novel writing) or an autobiography concept (autobiography writing) that you have had a long time ago but have not been able to write because of time constraints. Just give us the novel or autobiography (or biography) concept and chapter title suggestions and we will develop a masterpiece for you.

The same applies to script writing for movie scripts, documentary (ries), or audio works. Our freelance writing services does justice to any kind of writing that you want to do.

Business Writing is exactly as the name suggests. Our business writing services provides business writing for small and big organizations.

What kind of business writing do we offer?

We offer business writing services for company magazines, newsletters, calendars, and any journals that our clients publish or promote.

Remember . . . whatever it is you want to write, just call us to write it for you. We deliver on time and in full.

What Is The Quality of Our Business Writing?

Naturally, the question burning somewhere in your mind is . . . what is the quality of our business writing? What is the quality of our writing in general?

Well, as they say, "the taste of the pudding is in the eating". So, here's a few of the work we have done.

I will share with you examples of Samson Itoje's work because we have a confidentiality agreement with our clients. That means that if we write a book for you, we cannot go public announcing everywhere that you are not the one who wrote the book yourself or that we wrote it for you.

Browse through the following web sites to get a glimpse of our web content writing style.

1. (this site)



Want a glimpse of our book writing skills? Want a sample of our script writing and business writing jobs?

Then order and read any of the following books written by Samson Itoje. The books are available at our online book store.

1. “How To Earn One Million Naira Per Month – The Secret To Financial Freedom Revealed!”

2. “Strategic Real Estate Investing – 7 Killer Strategies To Invest Creatively In Nigeria Real Estate”

3. “Investment Property Strategies – 7 Proven Strategies To Make Money With Nigeria Real Estate Investing”

4. “How To Make Money From The Internet – A Step By Step Guide To Making Honest Income Online”

5. "How To Build A Billion Naira Business With Small Capital - The Secret of The Rich Exposed!"

You Retain The Copyright! It's All Yours!

We offer paid freelance writing. That means you pay us to write for you. And you pay us once.

Therefore the copyright is yours forever. We do not receive any royalties for the writing jobs with do for clients.

What this means in practice is this . . . if we write a book for you, the book will bear your name and your name alone. It will not bear your name and our name. And you keep all the profit you make from the book. YOu do not pay us any commission or royalty.

Beautiful! Exciting!

Yes, what we offer is truly exciting.

So, if you are a company desirous of creating emotional connection with your clients, emotional bonding with your employees, or reaching out to your host communities in style, simply engage us to do stunning business writing for you.

Are you a film producer in search of something new and exciting?

Just order our script writing package and you will have a winning movie script in no time.

Contact us to request a quote and get on the pathway to stress-free business and personal writing.

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